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  1. I can't believe this guy came back to a 2 years old thread to tell people to eat shit. I'm closing this thread now, because I kind of instantly banned him for that, which makes this 2 years old thread a bit useless. I regret nothing.
  2. When using certain versions of GTK Radiant, you may have issues when trying to save maps on Windows 7 or Windows Vista. This is a common problem, but easy to solve. Before attempting this tutorial, make sure you're running GTK Radiant's .exe file as administrator! This will solve several issues you may have. You can run the file as administrator by right clicking it and selecting 'Run as Administrator'. If you are already running GTK Radiant as administrator, or installed it in a folder such as 'my documents' where it does not require administrative priviliges, you can solve your issue by doing either of the following: In GTK Radiant, select Edit → Preferences → Interface → Layout. Uncheck the 'Use win32 file load dialog' checkbox.If this does not work, you can save your file over a different file with the same extension. For instance, you can create a dummy '.map' file, and overwrite it with the .map file you are trying to save. GTK Radiant will still be able to overwrite files if you encounter this issue.I think the image for this tutorial should be the interface you get at Edit → Preferences → Interface → Layout. Don't have GTK Radiant installed here; anyone?
  3. In rare cases, you may experience terrain issues at the beginning of Jedi Academy Singleplayer. This is a rendering primitives issue. If it happens, your issues can be fixed by opening the console, and entering the following: /r_primitives 0/r_primitives 1/r_primitives 2/r_primitives 3You should never use a higher value than 3; higher values will essentially break your game. Try the above cvars one by one, until you find one that fixes your issue.
  4. A common issue encountered in Jedi Academy Multiplayer, is the error 'Vehicle extensions (.veh) too large'. Essentially, the error means the game is trying to load too many vehicles, and has exceeded the inbuilt vehicle limit. Before trying anything else, it's important to note that several mods increase the vehicle limit. Rather than removing vehicles, you may be able to fix the issue, depending on the mod you use: For Base (unmodded) JKA, try installing: this modFor Clanmod, try installing this modFor OJP Enhanced, try installing this modFor OJP Basic, try installing this mod.If you encounter the issue on another mod than the above, the only solution is to remove mods that contain custom vehicles from your base folder. This includes maps that contain custom vehicles and the likes. If you only use certain vehicles on modded servers that raise the vehicle limit (such as Japlus), you can move these files to the folder of the mod, rather than deleting them alltogether. In short, unless you are running Base, Clanmod, or OJP, you will need to remove mods that contain custom vehicles, so that you no longer exceed the vehicle limit. Use OpenJK. It will solve this issue. If still unfixed, delete any mods you've installed that contain custom vehicles.
  5. In Jedi Academy, all your settings and preferences, in the form of cvars, are saved in a configuration file. If this configuration file becomes too large (roughly 16 kb), you will encounter the error 'Recursive error after: MAX_CVARS' when the configuration file is loaded. The most effective way of fixing this, is to manually edit your configuration file using a text editor, deleting unnecessary values, such as all 'sv_' prefixed ones. Some know-how is required for this solution, however. If you created a custom configuration file using the '/write' command, it will be located at 'Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\{mod folder}\yourname.cfg'. If you did not create a custom configuration file, it will be located at 'Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\{mod folder}\jampconfig.cfg' If you do not know how to edit your configuration file using a text editor, or which lines to remove, the easiest way to solve the issue is to create a new configuration file, by resetting to factory settings. If you're determined to keep your old configuration file, you can post the file in question here, and we'll try to reduce its size for you. Be sure to remove admin passwords and the likes from it first, though! Use OpenJK. It will solve this issue.
  6. In some cases, you may encounter any of a number of errors: Corrupt * DataUnsupported marker type *Not a * file: starts with *These errors are usually caused by one of the following:Jedi Academy is trying to load a file identified as a certain format, while it is not. For instance, a JPG file named 'name.png'Jedi Academy is trying to load a file it cannot process - for example, a progressive JPG imageJedi Academy is trying to load a file that's corrupt or somehow impossible to load completely.In order to fix this issue, you will need to remove custom mods you have installed one by one, until you find the culprit. The issue will not be caused standard Jedi Academy files unless you modified them (in which case, you may have to reinstall); it only happens when you have installed a badly made mod.
  7. Every once in a while, Jedi Academy runs a cyclic redundancy check: it checks to make sure certain Jedi Academy files (like .exe files) have not been modified. If it finds these files have been modified, it'll throw an error and crash itself: CL_Parsepacketentities. There is no true fix for this issue, as it almost always means you're using a pirated version of Jedi Academy that contains a bad No-CD crack. You can find a very cheap, non-pirated version of Jedi Academy here. Use OpenJK. It will solve this issue.
  8. Using ATI/AMD graphics cards, you may experience an issue where Jedi Academy crashes inexplicably the moment you try to start it. Errors you may encounter include 'Application Error' and 'Couldn't load OpenGL'. Before attempting this tutorial, please make sure you have installed Jedi Academy Patch 1.01. You may experience crashing unrelated to this specific issue if you haven't. There are three fixes available for this issue: First, try updating your drivers here. Some old versions of AMD Catalyst (such as 10.5) have been known to crash Jedi Academy.If this did not solve your issue, try installing this mod. Your issues should now be resolved.If your issues still have not been resolved, the only other solution available is to roll back your drivers to the last known working version, such as Catalyst 10.4. Use OpenJK. It will solve this issue.
  9. Jedi Academy is very customiseable through certain console commands, or cvars. In many cases, you might want to know the default value for a command. This can be achieved by entering the command in your console, without any value. For example, if you want to know the default value for /com_maxfps, you can do so through the following steps: Open your consoleType '/com_maxfps' without apostrophes, and hit enterYour console will then tell you the default value for this command.
  10. Nearly done. Hoping to move JKHub to XF2 in January, but it does depend on how crazy my life is.
  11. Just a sneak preview of something I've been working on. Wildly unfinished; this is just for those wondering what I'm up to. Hint: look at the footer.
  12. .warnbox { background: #e3f6e5 url( images/icons/exclamation.png ) no-repeat 9px 10px; border: 1px solid #b4e3b9; color: #475949; } Topic moved to Jedi Knight Tech Support forum. (Sorry, I'm not Circa )
  13. I just edited it to not be wildly outdated and actually give accurate information. Still rewriting parts right now, and I should probably phrase some things better, but it's less bad than it was before. https://www.patreon.com/cael
  14. Wasn't planning on giving any notice; I reckon honestly most donators won't really be affected (2.9% + $0.35 isn't that much), and if anyone should be giving notice of fee changes on Patreon's platform, it ought to be Patreon. They know the details behind how that will work much better than I do myself. I should probably update that Patreon page at some point to be more reflective of what's actually going on and not be filled with information that's just embarrassingly outdated. I'll, uh, get around to that.
  15. Fixed. For future reference - please use the 'is this file broken?' button if you see a broken file. That button alerts JKH staff and we'll fix it. Commenting doesn't alert us.
  16. If they're very old notifications: notifications expire automatically after 3 months to keep the database from growing to an ungodly size. I just doubled the notification limit to 60 just because I could though; I wouldn't be surprised if notification counting becomes a little screwy if you hit the cap.
  17. .warnbox { background: #e3f6e5 url( images/icons/exclamation.png ) no-repeat 9px 10px; border: 1px solid #b4e3b9; color: #475949; } Topic moved to Jedi Knight Tech Support forum. (Don't mind me, just seems like a better fit for your thread.)
  18. Could we stop trying to make this into a JAWA (or other clans) bashing thread now pretty please though? Leave the clan drama for somewhere else where I don't have to read it. Besides, remembering a person primarily for DDoSing servers 4 years ago and really hating some JKA clan would be pretty depressing.
  19. We didn't. It isn't. I'll look into it and see if I can figure out what's causing that.
  20. Renamed "Ideas & Issues" forum to "JKHub Feedback & Discussions". I'm not quite happy with that name because it's sort of a mouthful - tell me if you have a better idea for what to call it - but people kept posting modding/JKA/etc ideas and issues in this section in error.
  21. Search doesn't work well, and probably never will work well. SQL database searching is hard and like Circa says, our backend software is bad. It might become a little better with JKHub 2.0, but don't hold your breath.
  22. I'll try and keep those accounts out of the crossfire as much as possible, but with some people posting on third-party forums calling for people to go register an account and vote for their submission, it might be problematic. I'll do my best is pretty much all I can say atm. Some accounts currently voting are very blatant duplicate accounts though.
  23. Quick announcement: once this poll closes, we'll be deleting any votes made by newly created accounts specifically registered to vote in this poll. There's a fair amount of fake account voting and whatnot going on here, so don't be surprised if, once the poll closes, the vote numbers suddenly jump because I deleted such votes.
  24. .warnbox { background: #e3f6e5 url( images/icons/exclamation.png ) no-repeat 9px 10px; border: 1px solid #b4e3b9; color: #475949; } Topic moved to Jedi Knight Tech Support forum. (Ideas & issues is a meta section to post ideas and issues regarding JKHub, not for JKA-related ideas or issues.)
  25. Fix halloween-themed logo on fixed width style
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