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  1. I'm trying to get Ravensoft's attention so JKA can have a working server list without needing JKH master. Do me a favour and retweet me and get involved in this twitter thread: https://twitter.com/jka_io/status/1137622933499785217 thanks!

  2. You're fine the change broke compatibility for Chrome 49 on Windows XP, Apple phones older than the iPhone 4S, and iPads older than the iPad 2 On the bright side, everybody gets more secure encryption, and slightly faster page load speeds because ECDSA certificates are smaller. As a cool bonus, it also helps filter out some of the older bad bots & infected PCs used for spam and DDoS attacks
  3. Guilty, that was actually me. I switched all SSL certificates from RSA to ECDSA, and dropped support for AES-128-CBC in favour of the more secure AES-128-GCM encryption cipher for all websites my hosting business hosts on the 19th. Either one of those (or both) might've caused it, but if it was the ECDSA thing, you're likely to see that popping up a lot more over the coming months
  4. I just deleted several posts worth of senseless stupidity (and reactions to it), and banned a very disruptive user who absolutely couldn't participate in a discussion in a sensible and mature way. ಠ_ಠ Another staff member locked this thread (quite rightly), but I'm going to be really cheeky and try keeping it open, because this discussion was more-or-less fine up until that point. Please treat each other like humans, alright?
  5. Where are you getting this exactly? Could you tell me exactly what things to click for that? There should be no such requirement, but I just checked and you should in theory be able to upload files.
  6. .warnbox { background: #e3f6e5 url( images/icons/exclamation.png ) no-repeat 9px 10px; border: 1px solid #b4e3b9; color: #475949; } Topic moved to Jedi Knight Tech Support forum.
  7. .warnbox { background: #e3f6e5 url( images/icons/exclamation.png ) no-repeat 9px 10px; border: 1px solid #b4e3b9; color: #475949; } Topic moved to Modding Assistance forum.
  8. Caelum

    Site Down?

    Not a clue, but I'm just going to tag @@Raz0r and sneak away.
  9. Caelum

    Hey there.

    Is it the mod requests forum? If so, we made that one require 10 posts in other forum sections first, because we had issues with new accounts flooding it with low-quality requests. If so, just hang around and post it in 10 posts' time instead.
  10. Fixed for the signature that was breaking that, but it's probably going to keep happening as long as images in signatures are enabled.
  11. Fixed by removing @@Botdra's signature. The basics of how this issue works is Google's safe browsing blacklists Raptr, JKHub user has a (completely harmless) Raptr image embedded in their signature, Chrome shows a security warning for the entire JKHub page because Raptr is blacklisted. This is another reason we shouldn't allow images in signatures. Can we please drop support for images in signatures? Just because I have strong feelings about it: you should probably not use Pale Moon. Brave is cool though, I use it on my phone for the ad blocking.
  12. If I'm being very honest with you, probably not. I can see how it'd be handy, but there's no sane way to implement it with either the current backend or the upcoming new one. It'd have to be a whole project on my part, and I don't think that's worth me spending time on instead of other things I have planned. As far as JKHub API goes, I'm of the opinion that it would be nice, but it's mostly a pipe dream and not something worth prioritizing over other development right now. I don't think very many people would actually use it in practise anyway.
  13. Nothing like that you could use I'm afraid. In fact I've kiiiind of tried to make it as bot-unfriendly as I sensibly could in terms of traffic filtering, because we've had a whole bunch of abuse issues with bots downloading all/many files over and over and eating all the bandwidth/busting the cache/etc.
  14. Bet you didn't expect a post here, considering I've mostly been working on the new backend software (public demo available here). Added a bunch of caching to make pages load noticeably fasterEmbedded plain-http images in pages/posts now no longer break https (and the green lock icon) - they're automatically upgraded to https.JKHub's cookies are now more secureAdded additional security measure to protect users from clickjacking attacksSee also the following if you're curious: https://securityheaders.com/?q=jkhub.org&hide=on&followRedirects=on
  15. https://demo.jkhub.org Posting this link in an upcoming news post soonish as well. Work in progress; bug reports not welcome yet. Have fun.
    1. ChalklYne


      Updates are awesome, thank you! @Staff.

    2. Caelum


      Once complete, all accounts and all content and stuff will be migrated and you'll be able to log in with your current accounts. If you want to try posting on the demo site you'll have to register there though, and the demo site's contents will be deleted once complete.

    3. D.a.r.t.h


      Switching to XenForo? Ooh nice! Is IP.Board getting old or something? Now, I know why people switched from vbulletin to xenforo, but I'm not familiar with IP board.

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  16. Would it be cool and worth the effort if I put up a temporary demo forum showcasing the new software we're moving to once our developer finishes the data import tool we're waiting for?

    1. the_raven


      Sounds cool, not sure about it being 'worth the effort'. Also, it might ruin the surprise for some, but prepare the others.

    2. Noodle


      It would be cool.

  17. Caelum

    Wanted: JKHub Staff

    We're going to keep applications open for a few more weeks: we're still receiving new ones, and we're hoping to switch backend softwares in the coming weeks* so we want to spare new staff members the pain of learning how to operate two systems. We've had a number of very good applications so far though, so thanks again to everyone who's sent in their applications *if things go well, this is not a promise, I don't dare do ETAs anymore
  18. It's a security feature that comes with the forum software, I think it's intended so people don't embed malicious websites. Generally, it happens when you put a link between [img ] tags that doesn't end in '.jpg', '.gif', or '.png'. I'd imagine it'll go away when we switch forum softwares soon, but don't quote me on that if it doesn't.
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