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  1. Hello I'm alive.

    • Fixed file star ratings: they're now back
    • 'Contact Us' is now back
    • The text indentation buttons in the post editor are now back
    • Significantly improved spam filtering on contact form and registration form
    • Fixed several mobile bugs that could cause pages to stretch off-screen in awkward ways
    • Lots of cosmetic fixes for unreadable/incorrectly colored text and widgets, including in...
      • The search box
      • PM headers
      • The footer
      • The follow button
      • File pages


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  2. I'll be using this thread to track all the changes and bugfixes I make to JKHub. Expect me to post here once or twice a week as I apply rounds of bug fixes. If you see a bug that isn't a cosmetic issue, please post it here, so I have them all in one place.

    Known bugs:

    • License on files does not show up
    • Image/video embeds are dodgy and show some weird behaviors
    • JKG subforum permissions are broken
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  3. 9 minutes ago, Darth Futuza said:

    Looks like reviews are also missing from files.  I don't see anywhere to give a file a star or five (unless that's a feature of removing ratings?)

    Will fix, no review data has been lost

  4. 15 hours ago, Zéfilus said:

    Darn.. my bad; I thought we had more pages there ??

    Mobile version gets laggy on phone when I try to add emojis. Oh and; how to log out on mobile? 

    Probably down to the specs of your phone and your browser I'm afraid. Out of curiosity, what phone + browser is it?

    Mobile logout button coming back soon once I fix a minor bug.

  5. spacer.png

    Introducing our new back-end software
    As you might've noticed from the past several days of scheduled maintenance, we've finally updated our backend software! This is a very long overdue upgrade, coming after several years of JKHub seeing no software updates at all. Countless months of work went into this update both on our part, and on third-party developers' parts, as well as unfortunate amounts of money.

    We know, things are broken
    No, our portal/front page won't keep looking like this. Yes, we know there are awkwardly colored unreadable fonts in places. We're working on it, and over the coming days and weeks, you'll notice everything is slowly fixed. For now though, we felt it was more important to get JKHub up and running as quickly as possible again.

    New features
    Here is a very incomplete list of new things:

    • Entirely new post editor: the old one was old and buggy; the new one should work much better, and save your post content more reliably if your browser crashes or you accidentally press the 'back' button
    • Unicode emoji: This vastly expands on the existing emoji set with the ones already provided by your operating system ?
    • Faster page loads, especially on image-heavy threads
    • Security improvements: from improved password hashing to better filtering of hacking attempts
    • Mobile improvements: a completely new mobile design built into the existing theme using media queries. And unlike the old mobile theme, it actually works!
    • Workflow improvements: from an easier registration process to a more intuitive file submission process.

    Most importantly though: this update lays the foundation for several cool things that are coming soon. Right now, we're focusing on fixing bugs, and achieving full feature parity with the old software. Once that's done, we plan to introduce lots of new things, including a completely new, modern-looking design for JKHub.

    If you have any questions, or run into especially severe bugs, please do post below. No cosmetic issues please, we're aware of those and working hard on it ?


  6. Right now, I'm using an iPad to type this reply. However, I'm not using the mobile version.

    You're fine :) the change broke compatibility for Chrome 49 on Windows XP, Apple phones older than the iPhone 4S, and iPads older than the iPad 2


    On the bright side, everybody gets more secure encryption, and slightly faster page load speeds because ECDSA certificates are smaller. As a cool bonus, it also helps filter out some of the older bad bots & infected PCs used for spam and DDoS attacks

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  7. I see, but did you guys update anything security related in the recent 1-2 weeks?

    Guilty, that was actually me. I switched all SSL certificates from RSA to ECDSA, and dropped support for AES-128-CBC in favour of the more secure AES-128-GCM encryption cipher for all websites my hosting business hosts on the 19th. Either one of those (or both) might've caused it, but if it was the ECDSA thing, you're likely to see that popping up a lot more over the coming months

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  8. I just deleted several posts worth of senseless stupidity (and reactions to it), and banned a very disruptive user who absolutely couldn't participate in a discussion in a sensible and mature way.




    Another staff member locked this thread (quite rightly), but I'm going to be really cheeky and try keeping it open, because this discussion was more-or-less fine up until that point. Please treat each other like humans, alright?

  9. Is it the mod requests forum? If so, we made that one require 10 posts in other forum sections first, because we had issues with new accounts flooding it with low-quality requests. If so, just hang around and post it in 10 posts' time instead. :)

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  10. Fixed by removing @@Botdra's signature. The basics of how this issue works is Google's safe browsing blacklists Raptr, JKHub user has a (completely harmless) Raptr image embedded in their signature, Chrome shows a security warning for the entire JKHub page because Raptr is blacklisted. This is another reason we shouldn't allow images in signatures. Can we please drop support for images in signatures?


    Annnnnnd this is why I use Brave and Palemoon. Chrome is just weird.

    Just because I have strong feelings about it: you should probably not use Pale Moon. Brave is cool though, I use it on my phone for the ad blocking.

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  11. If I'm being very honest with you, probably not. I can see how it'd be handy, but there's no sane way to implement it with either the current backend or the upcoming new one. It'd have to be a whole project on my part, and I don't think that's worth me spending time on instead of other things I have planned.


    As far as JKHub API goes, I'm of the opinion that it would be nice, but it's mostly a pipe dream and not something worth prioritizing over other development right now. I don't think very many people would actually use it in practise anyway.

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