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  1. I'm trying to get Ravensoft's attention so JKA can have a working server list without needing JKH master. Do me a favour and retweet me and get involved in this twitter thread: https://twitter.com/jka_io/status/1137622933499785217 thanks!

  2. https://demo.jkhub.org Posting this link in an upcoming news post soonish as well. Work in progress; bug reports not welcome yet. Have fun.
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    2. ChalklYne


      Updates are awesome, thank you! @Staff.

    3. Caelum


      Once complete, all accounts and all content and stuff will be migrated and you'll be able to log in with your current accounts. If you want to try posting on the demo site you'll have to register there though, and the demo site's contents will be deleted once complete.

    4. D.a.r.t.h


      Switching to XenForo? Ooh nice! Is IP.Board getting old or something? Now, I know why people switched from vbulletin to xenforo, but I'm not familiar with IP board.

  3. Would it be cool and worth the effort if I put up a temporary demo forum showcasing the new software we're moving to once our developer finishes the data import tool we're waiting for?

    1. the_raven


      Sounds cool, not sure about it being 'worth the effort'. Also, it might ruin the surprise for some, but prepare the others.

    2. Noodle


      It would be cool.

  4. Would anyone be willing to create a fork of OpenJK for me with some small changes to improve server pings & stability, and keep it up to date with upstream?

  5. Um. I may have just deleted Stranger's status because my reply to it literally broke the forum. Oops.

    1. Mysterious Stranger

      Mysterious Stranger

      Oh~it's beautiful :) I love it when your things break. HAHA. So uh, let's talk about that drool emoticon...

    2. Caelum


      Yeah. That's coming for JKHub 2.0. And it will look like so: http://emojipedia.org/drooling-face/

    3. Mysterious Stranger

      Mysterious Stranger

      boy are they hideous lol...but that'll do. thanks <3

  6. Upcoming changes involving more news articles and whatnot will be slightly delayed as I'll be turning my attention to a JKH server tracker first. Also, travelling for two weeks soon. Sorry!

    1. Bek


      You sadden Jkhub with your departure, great Caelum. We all anticipate your return.

    2. Caelum


      To be fair I'll probably still be here, just on a phone, unproductively.

    3. Bek


      Ahh the great Caelum has always been a master a stealth. Enjoy your trip dude.

  7. Going to be doing some initial minor website design modernization over the next several weeks, so things look less dated. That should be fun. Starting next week ish.

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    2. Seven


      I believe I've seen google based search functions on other websites before, is that possible?

    3. Caelum


      Possible, but prohibitively expensive for a site like this. I don't have any statistics on how often people search, but see https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/72334?hl=en - $100/year for just 55 total searches daily.

    4. Seven


      I thought google got money from people using their search engine?

  8. New CDN has been deployed, downloads are slowly being cached on CDN nodes. Should be faster & more reliable than Dropbox once everything is cached in a few days, news to follow.

    1. Cerez


      I'm going to pretend I know what you just said... :P Fingers crossed it works well. ^_^

    2. Caelum


      I said "I made downloads way faster and more reliable" in the most roundabout way possible =P

    3. Cerez


      Ah, gotcha! :D Useful for the bigger files. :winkthumb:

  9. Looking to give someone my money to make some OpenJK code edits - https://jkhub.org/topic/7420-/

  10. Finally finished https://jka.io

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    2. CommanderXeph


      You're a wizard,Caelum - Hagrid


      wait wrong franchise

    3. Circa


      How you do dat

    4. CommanderXeph




      he told us he is a wizard circa are you blind

  11. .

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    2. Syko


      Don't people have better things to do than DDoS a site for a 13 year old game?

    3. Mog


      Nope, because JKA will forever be serious business to the tweens.

    4. Oobah


      DDOS is script kiddies, they have no real skill. Plus they're stupid enough to give away ips via the DDOSing.

  12. .

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    2. Darth Futuza

      Darth Futuza

      Ah cause I noticed the order form was still up so I wondered.

    3. Darth Futuza

      Darth Futuza

      That's too bad to hear, I guess it wasn't profiting?

    4. Caelum
  13. .

    1. Zappa_0


      was wondering what was going on last night.

  14. .

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    2. Mog


      Probably a small chimp, those chimps are dangerous things..

    3. Onysfx


      Jedi haven't given up. They want to take ovah. And Caelum is part of the conspiracy. Why hasn't JKhub granted me emergency powahs yet? xD

    4. IrocJeff


      Ya know Onysfx, I think I click on these these comments just to see if you chimed in somehow and you always make me laugh. Thanks.

  15. .

    1. Didz


      Here's the explanation in source code: https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/blob/master/codemp/server/sv_snapshot.cpp#L243


      It's a debug feature, all it does is add useless data to the end of snapshot packets

    2. Didz
    3. Caelum
  16. .

    1. Spaghetti


      Lol, I remember seeing that a while ago. Not sure what that thing is planning to do with its noodly appendage. :o

    2. Caelum
  17. .

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    2. minilogoguy18


      No, the emperor says it like this "We are quite safe from your friends HEYAH!

    3. Onysfx


      ...you're absolutely right. I CAN DO BETTAH!

    4. Merek


      I see no difference but TBH I thought the JKHub speeds were already pretty fast but I'll take your word for it.

  18. .

    1. MoonDog


      lol... this is my favorite one. Ran into it when I was breaking things in mapping all the time. http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/wisdom_of_the_ancients.png

    2. eezstreet


      hehe I've seen this one too

  19. .

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    2. Caelum
    3. Merek


      Okay, now its saying Resource Limit has been reached where do I go to report that. I apologize for the inconvenience. Also thanks for creating this website, without it JKA surely would have died.

    4. Caelum
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