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Free Camera in Demos (OpenJK)


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I want to do some stuff with demos in OpenJK, but im using OpenJediProject V1.2 Fixed by FJA to play and record demos on it: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1972-openjediproject-v12-fixed-by-fja/

I was trying to use jamme 1.10 windows to activate the free camera mode but i guess its not compatible cause i get crash every time in every different way to load the mods.  :P



Is there any command to activate free camera in demos in OpenJK? I mean without any external mod command.


if not, is there any way to make jamme works with OJP?  I think it works with mb2, so maybe could be possible.

Also i've tried it with pugmod but it crashes too. I don't even know if pugmod works with openJK.



I hope you can help me guys, i don't know how to solve this :/



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