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Getting Out Of Cg_Forceownsaber?


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Just a question because, I know there's a workaround using two commands put into one but; (Example, "cg_forceownsaber dual_2;saber dual_2") is there a way to put it back to the default without having to restart JKA? Can you clear Cvars or default them? If so, what's the command for that?

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Hey, I remember seeing you on the KR server; and teaching me this command. I found a solution, kinda.

You use the /reset commandand then type in the Cvar, so /reset cg_forceownsaber , but since it doesn't fix it in runtime, you have to rejoin the server for it to fix. It beats restarting JK3, but Ensiform let Raz0r know of the problem for me

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