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Azuma Zaibatsu is hosting a 2v2 Basejka Tournament on 1.01

Sgt Pepper

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Azuma Zaibatsu is hosting a 2v2 Basejka Tournament on 1.01



Friday December 16th 2016



7PM Central Standard Time





Event Admins:

- Sgt. Pepper



Please have one player on your team go to the thread below and post both names of your team, please only make one post. You are also allowed to give yourself a team name although if it is just too ridiculous we may just use your names instead. Please see the example of a signup post before posting.


Sign-up Thread:


Information Thread:





Please have at least one player online at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament to verify that you'll be attending. We will try not to drop anyone from the tournament but if it gets very full and some teams are not showing up at or very close to the event start we may begin to drop teams that did not check in.


Check-in at:



- 2v2 Team Matches

- BaseJKA

- Double Elimination

- Fraglimit of 21

- Timelimit of 10 minutes per match




We are looking for people to cast (commentate) on the event on the stream, this would be over a Discord voice chat, so if you're interested in doing that please reach out to one of the Event Admins.


Double Elimination Rules:

- It will be Double Elimination which means a team must lose two matches in order to be knocked out of the tournament.

- After the first loss teams are knocked into the "loser's bracket" where all teams that have lost fight against each other until one team is left in winner's bracket and one in the loser's bracket.

- The winners of both these brackets then go on to fight each other in the grand finals. The winner's bracket team must be beaten twice in order for the loser's bracket team to win, while the loser's bracket team only needs to lose one match since they lost earlier on.



If we get at least 10 signups (20 participants total) then I'll be putting some game keys from my inventory that can be activated on steam and added to your library into a prize pool. The two winners of the tournament can pick one game each, whichever they like from the list, and it will be given to them as their prize. They will also be posted as the winners on any threads that are made to do with the tournament.


Additional Prizes:

If you'd like to add a prize to the pool to be chosen from (look I know my own offerings aren't so great but it's all I've got) then feel free to contact me on steam, discord or whatever to have it added to the pool, it would be greatly appreciated.


Prize Pool:

- Dungeons 2

- Infinifactory

- Legend of Grimrock 2

- TIS-100

- Volume

- Blade Symphony

- Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter


If you have any questions or want to help out feel free to ask in the information thread posted above, or contact one of the Event Admins through our website, Discord or Steam. 


Thank you.

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