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"Saturday Saber Showdown" at Azuma Zaibatsu: A Weekly Duel Tournament

Sgt Pepper

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Hey everyone, so after the success of our first Saturday 1v1 tournament we discussed the event and have decided to make it a weekly tournament.


Event Name: Saturday Saber Showdown

Hosted by: Azuma Zaibatsu

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 5PM Central | 10PM GMT | 8AM Eastern Australia

Server: azumazaibatsu.gq:29070 or

Format: 1v1 double elimination duel tournament

Rules: No holds barred

Sign ups: Please be on the server at least 15 minutes before the event begins, we will start taking names for brackets around then. If we reach our limit of participants we will be able to take no further names.


Matches will start as races to 3 (best of 5), quarter and semi finals will be a race to 5 (best of 9) and the grand finals will be a race to 10.


A player must lose two matches to be knocked out of the tournament, the first loss will put them into the losers bracket where it is still possible to come back and win the tournament if no more matches are lost.


Azuma Zaibatsu clan members are encouraged to be there and play, and since it's open to the public we hope some guests show up too, AZ members are asked to please treat all guests with respect but not to go easy on them!


The winner will be announced online regardless of who wins.


Hope to see you there!

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Azuma Zaibatsu Weekend Public Tournament #5


Just a reminder me have our public 1v1 duel tournament again today in just under 1 hour, we hope to see some of you there!


Tournament stream: http://twitch.tv/theruruoni


Server it will be on is: connect azumazaibatsu.gq:29070


The brackets for this week will be put up at: http://azumazaibatsu.challonge.com/wpt5


Stream will start a few minutes before or at 5PM CST. (That is in just over 1 hour)



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