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Force unleashed stance animation?

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EDIT: Tried atleast 15 of theses mods, none of them worked, can someone help me out?


There are already a lot of tfu requests but hear me out.


I've seen a few screenshots of the force unleashed stance before, i've just had no luck finding it, in case you're unaware of what i am talking about, i mean the stance where the player has a standard saber and holds it behind him as the picture below shows, I'd also like a mod where the player always holds the

saber to his side, like Vader in tfu, ex: when walking, running, standing, the saber is at his side, (standard saber) I'm aware of the clone wars stances,

but the standing stance isn't like that, it looks like he's getting ready to fence, and i'm a perfectionist so it doesn't work well for me, anyway, thanks in advance!








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