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Get in the Zone!


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Hello JKA people! 


You might be wondering what Zone is. Well Zone is an American clan that was founded on making the average player more skilled. We have actual talented members who are for the most part above average and are capable of competing in TFFA.


Our goal is to basically up the games current skill level.We notice the game has begun to favor non-skilled clans and servers, now while these clans are not bad clans, improvement shouldn't be something that's shunned. Some members of Zone that you might or might not be familiar with, like myself Snitzal, St@rty, Baatar, and Eis/Tiddly/Tenkyuu/Blurr(he has 30,000 names), are more then capable of teaching you the basic's and fundementals needed to become a great player.


Are we only going to allow members willing to learn and compete? No, anyone is free to apply and join. At the moment we are only 8 people, but we hope to increase our numbers. You should definitely come by check us out and see if we're right for you :).


Come by hang out and see if Zone is right for you :). We are mostly on in the afternoon or night time(eastern standard).(also I realize i posted it in the wrong topic first time)

Server IP:


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I absolutely support this idea. I also recognize that your hubris in calling yourself 'above average' and 'talented' is a necessary evil, considering that your chances of having people seek you out for training are higher the better your credentials are. I do believe that you and the people you play with are from NA? This is important to mention because otherwise we can't know what 'in the afternoon' means.

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