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jaMME is young and wasn’t tested enough, also I (ent) who was porting the mod (with Scooper’s help) is a young programmer too, therefore the mod is not stable sometimes and have some bugs. Here is the list of known bugs:


- mpeg compression for AVI does not currently work due to old jpeg capturing method

- vehicles don’t have proper support, so you can see missing hud items and animation is buggy too (need more demos with vehicles for tests)

- after finishing capturing audio there are strange sounds that will play afterward

- some sounds sound weird while capturing audio on low frame update (probably only some mp3 sounds)

- some .efx effects disappear on low frame update (or speed 0), and only visible if time goes

- some effects, animations and sounds can work wrong after playing demo backward (mostly fixed)


If you found a new bug then make a post in this section with details of what you were doing and attach demo if possible.


The source code of the mod is open. So if you think you can help with fixing one of those bugs then feel free to take a part in jaMME development on https://github.com/entdark/jaMME.

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