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How do I inverse the default saber equipping behaviour?

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New forum member, a complete noob of the game's inner workings, but a long time fan of the series.


I want to be able to switch to the saber in the OFF state first, and doing again immediately after would turn it ON. So cycling would look like OFF, ON, OFF, ON... . In other words, as mentioned in the title, I want inversed default saber equipping behaviour.

I made an attempt, but sadly it didn't work...


With what I know, I can get partway towards this by using, helpUsObi 1, and binding my saber key to, give weapon_saber 0.

This allows me to switch to the saber in off mode first, and pressing again turns the saber on.

Unfortunately subsequent presses will keep it ON unless I switch to another weapon. It also activates the saber ignition sound in my wanted OFF state. And of course, it will activate the pickup sound and state the weapon's been given in the ON state.

Oddly, to me at least, it also adds 25 more to my force points until 200 is reached. Whether that 200/100 or 200/200 or something else, I haven't checked. But whatever it is, the set up is janky and unworkable.

I imagine it possible, but if so, I don't know how to make it reality. I suspect coding is the way to go, and will start looking into that. But if anyone can let me know otherwise, or any quick and simple solutions, it'd be much appreciated!


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