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setting 4 admin passworda in server.cfg file and whether it is feasible


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Hello everyone, I have a question whether it is possible to add a fourth admin to the server.cfg file


///////////ADMIN SETTINGS//////
seta jp_councilPass "council_pass"
seta jp_knightPass "knight_pass"
seta jp_instructorPass "instructor_pass"

seta jp_instructorAllowedCMD "140016138"
seta jp_knightAllowedCMD "207387354"
seta jp_councilAllowedCMD "528351182"

seta jp_councilLoginMSG "%s ^7is logged as an ^3admin council."
seta jp_knightLoginMSG "%s ^7is logged as an ^5admin knight."
seta jp_instructorLoginMSG "%s ^7is logged as an ^5admin instructor."

seta jp_admUsableOn 0 //-2 for all except admins, -1 for all, 0 for usable on lower or equal admin rank, 1 for usable on lower admin rank
seta jp_admScript 1
seta jp_admLoginEffect 1

for example, now I have this code what I need to do in order to have a fourth login in the admin is it feasible or are only 3 passwords allowed
I would appreciate any advice thanks for the help everyone

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