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Corpse Removal Time Prolonged or Stopped Help Needed (Jedi Outcast)

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Hello, I have a few custom Jedi Outcast Builds of OpenJK,  for different purposes.  With one of them, I was wondering it there is any code or mod out there. That either makes corpses (dead bodies of npcs) remain in site on the ground for a longer time then usually are, or don't disappear at all. There was a mod way back that would allow this to happen. Called "Redemption" for Outcast. Although, that was taken down awhile ago. If anyone could help me out with this one. It would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.


P.S. I would of just used, seta g_corpseRemovalTime "0" if I I could. Although, as implied with my message. That cvar is no available evn for the OpenJK build of Jedi Outcast.

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