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Hosting JKA/JKO servers for free

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Hi there,

I enjoyed this game for a long time since 2009 and I also enjoyed hosting servers.

This is something I have thought for a long time but never actually tried, so here I Am. Can do up to 8 16 players servers, in EU or USA. JA+, basejk, whatever. If you have a community you want to start and server is a problem feel free to ask.

I can do any mod that runs on Linux but MBII, feel free to ask. (I can do MBII but I rather host more servers.) Support will be received via Discord and of course you can use your server configs. If you are interested, contact me! 

Best regards!

P.S: Will make a decent page for checking server statuses etc. if it gets going, will leave a siege server and a duel server running too regardless. 

I don't intent to make profit from this idea at all, so if support will be limited to my non working hours / free time.

Currently hosted servers:

I am hosting Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy servers for free up to 8 servers. Contact me if you are in need of a server for your community. 🙂

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