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Hey y'all,

I'm probably gonna post this and dip but I decided to update my github repo of Lugormod U# +Wp +Fp with more documentation about cvars and entities.

The building guide is very outdated, it was a version from ages ago, probably 2012. I think the original author was FlipSide or Storm or someone else. However it has a bunch of useful information about most entities.

The cvar guide is from an the command "generatecvardocs" and put into markdown format.

The original guide by Lugor is available as the original PDF or also as the markdown equivalent.

You can locate it here if you're interested: https://github.com/mheh/lugormod-community

It has a compiled version of the source code posted on github by dydzio0614 which includes four additional lines of code pointing the client command /info to the original /help command, since OpenJK is using that. Hopefully this will help players understand entities and such, and allow for access to the help screen again if you're running OpenJK.

Cool Beans!

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