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Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II Remastered stuttering during gameplay

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I installed Jedi Knight Dark Forces II remastered just fine, but the game stutters a lot when I move around especially when turning around corners. It has something to do with the graphics card demanding the high resolution textures and models, I know that. But now, I uninstalled it because it's unplayable if I can't play the game while slowing down game performance really bad with better graphics. I can say the same for Mysteries of the Sith remastered as well. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do to get a piece of both worlds, quality and performance without sacrificing either one of them? I want to play both games with HD graphics and have good performance. I have an Alienware laptop running Windows 10 64-bit, so I know my CPU and GPU can handle the demand of the game with higher graphics settings.

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