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JK3Warriors (Promoting Casual & Competitive JKA Multiplayer)

Illudia Fox

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Promoting Casual & Competitive JKA Multiplayer
Socials: Challonge, Discord, YouTube, Twitter

We're a community of players that aims to bring some life back into the multiplayer community. Jedi Academy, is still one of the more unique lightsaber combat experiences that is available in the market today. It has inspired games like Hanako, Blade Symphony and the upcoming Vertex fan project. We host a variety of lightsaber fighting tournaments and so far, we have hosted three JA+ dueling tournaments & one BaseJKA TFFA tournament! Feel free to check out our YouTube channel for footage of tournament gameplay if you're still not sold! Here's a tl;dr version of what we do summarized in bullet points:

  •  Bring a backyard e-sports touch to JKA by hosting & livestreaming a variety of tournaments.
  • Give new players the opportunity to improve their lightsaber skills & remove the clan's barrier of entry for improvement.
  • Help supplement existing communities efforts to support making Jedi Academy accessible to the public.
  • Help bring JKA some exposure to new players by using social media such as Twitch or Twitter.
  • Foster a more positive & inclusive environment while pushing away the toxicity surrounding some parts of the existing player base.

We do have two main servers for the public to use:
[JK3Warriors] Main (JA+ Server) -
[JK3Warriors] TFFA (OpenJK Server) -
(Both servers are based in NY, to best serve US & EU players)

Join us @ discord.gg/xVdEshp ?

Whether or not you join us, I'm sure we'll end up seeing you in game. Don't be afraid to sign up for one of our casual tournaments!
Illudia Fox / furry / Vanatul

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