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KOTF - Jedi Outcast issues


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Just wanted to say that you've produced an excellent mod, which has improved an already great game to impossible heights.

However, on exploring the new Jedi Outcast feature, I came across a few gameplay issues:

First, all the lasers in the game are invisible. I'm talking about the lasers on the mines/trip-wires, as well as the beams and lasers that kill you in one hit that pop up a few places throughout Jedi Outcast.
UPDATE: The bowcaster bolts are also invisible, and it appears that the laser turrets ocassionally have invisible bolts too.

Second, the Objectives do not appear in the Objectives tab. It just says that there are "currently no objectives" to display.

UPDATE: This has been pointed out before, but 90% of the Imperial Officers I come across in the game are now women. I'm not sure if this is randomly generated by the mod, but I think it should be 90% men and 10% women, if anything.

I have no additional mods installed, and I downloaded and installed the newest version of the KOTF mod yesterday, along with the launcher. My copy of the Jedi Outcast data folder is from a legit Steam version of JO that I've had for years.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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