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Combatibility - Running OpenJK in Virtualbox/VMWare guests


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I had an idea for source code changes, with some OpenGL API management, so to make the whole project more compatible in VMs.


I looked up a VBox 3.0 changelog a while ago, and found it supported OpenGL 2.0, in some fashion.  So, I wondered why in VBox 6.0, OpenJK didnt work fully.


I figure there's no reason we cant adapt OpenJK to work in VBox.  As for VMWare, I could also made it compatible there too.


I'm almost ready to start making changes.  But, I didnt yet do things in git very much.  So I'm not sure how the source code changes would be applied.


I figure I just make the changes in "public domain", so they can be absorbed by OpenJK easily.


My guess would be make a fork (github.com/mgoppold5/OpenJK), put a branch in the fork (github.com/mgoppold5/OpenJK/tree/VBoxGuest, make source code changes, do testing, and then request that the branch be copied to a OpenJK proper branch?


Is this how I'm supposed to proceed?

-Mike G


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Looking at the OpenJK's main page, "Contributing to OpenJK", these 2 steps "fork" and "new branch" are straight-forward and standard-practice.


Ok.  I'll try these for now.


If anybody's interested in testing my changes, post here and say "hi".  I'll assist.

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My host is Debian 9.8.0 amd64.


On the Windows 8.1 64-bit guest, the current x86 openjk build simply crashes.


On a Debian testing amd64 guest, configuring the machine with "VMSVGA" and 3d acceleration, when openjk launches, the text items in the menu are invisible.  When playing the game, no text is visible, and no heads up display items are visible.


On a Debian testing amd64 guest, configuring the machine with "VBoxVGA" and 3d acceleration, openjk works flawlessly, but the fps is down from 125 to 10.  It's slow.


Another trouble is, I cant find much documentation on the "VMSVGA" feature.


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