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Hey! :)


So, I've decided to stop by to share my community Exitium.TV is otherwise known as ETV is a rebranded community of Sith Praxeum a Jedi Academy clan for JA+ originally made back on 31st of March 2016, A lot of changes we've done since then obviously due to the name/brand change, An also to be more diverse for other games in the gaming world to reach other larger audiences to put some interest back in Jedi Academy and other games in similar situations. While Jedi Academy is currently the main game as of right now we don't have ranks as other clans due to supporting other games in the gaming community, however, we do plan on hosting events, tournaments for the Jedi Academy community for both casual and base players but this will be more into the future as of right now.



Currently, our Jedi Academy server is pretty new we are currently running japro due to preparing for Arcadia's Anniversary Tournament while also doing some testing, However, this may change in the future to something either base or ja+ and will definitely have a bunch of custom maps.



Our community is also a play for Content Creators so either you do videos or streaming we also have a place for you within our community, We have sections on our site for streams and videos. Our discord server is also heavily integrated with our website to which makes things a lot easier for us such as a message being posted in discord for when a streamer goes live, someone adds a video to our videos library, threads, posts, status updates, memberships, impersonating prevention and ban being global in the community. We offer a spot for Content Creators as we use to also be a YouTube Network back in 2015, However, We are no longer a network due to YouTube's policy that shut down all SubMCN's which isn't a big deal but we still retain staff members that are very savvy in helping creators too and have worked for bigger MCN's in the past.



Hope this post at least got some people interested, may see you on our site, discord or even our Jedi Academy server! :)



Website: https://community.exitium.tv

Game Servers: https://community.exitium.tv/pages/gameservers/

Discord: https://discord.gg/f66BtBP




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