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OpenJO build with Gamepad support


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Hi guys,


I'm looking for an old build for Jedi Outcast (and old one because since SDL implementation gamepads doesn't work). The only OpenJO build I found (and I've been searching a lot) is the one included in JK2 Enhanced, but that one is not old enough and uses SDL (so no gamepad support).


I know I could build it myself (if I find that old files and learn how to do it), but I'm on vacations and I can't download all the programs needed to do it myself.


So.. if anybody has an old openjo_sp build, and can share it with me, it would be very nice. Thanks in advance.

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As it seems that nobody has (or isn't going to share it) that old OpenJO SP build with controller support, can I ask why xinput support was removed from OpenJK?


It was a good OpenJK feature and I can't understand why it was removed.

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