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What's the difference between a goody(Hero) and the Jedi?

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I looked dictionary over and found a word 'goody'. I think it means a 'Hero' like superman or batman, who protects people from the crime and baddy.

The jedi also protects people and peace for the Republic and the galaxy !  So Are the Jedi a Hero?


I have somewhat deep philosophy about a goody. Hmm...  Someone around you may know Fate Stay Night(FSN) or Fate Zero(F/Z) anime in Japanese. There are two odd goody in this anime.  Emiya Kiritsugu and Emiya Shiro are them. When you seek the hero character in the Internet, you will find many but 'odd goody' does not grow on every hedge.

When there are 10 hostages, they must rescue them but not All of them. So they try to protect MOST of people by abandoning 1 person.

They tend to save 9 persons by throwing out 1 person. The Reality is ditch and sewer. Saving all of people is nearly impossible varying situation.

They were doing their heroship by doing this and finally encountered contradiction of their ideal of heroship.

Of course, they wanted to resuce All of them. It's their ideal of goody but it can't be done easily. By protecting people from something threat, opponents may have to defeated or die.


But their ideal of heroship teaches them to save the victim and attacker, Both of Them !   Isn't it funny?

Can jedi do this? To protect the galaxy and obey the balance of the Force, Isn't it the Jedi must obey and pursuit?


I think the Jedi must become a big person more than a goody.  To pursuit deep philosophy of protection, they have to prove their special meaning of Existence because they are Jedi in favorite movie of All around the World and Globe !!

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