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  1. Thanks for your reply! I have done what you suggested, and now instead it's telling my that there's a vertex without UV coordinates - and if there is I can't damn well find it! I've done an 'a' select on the offending section of model and it doesn't show anything unassigned...

    Honestly, with this being my first attempt I'm sure I've done something wrong somewhere - 90% of this has been a learning process, so I might start again. But if you have any suggestions before I do, I'd appreciate it ?

  2. Hi there, I've been trying (mostly through trial and error!) over the last few days to import a model into JKA. Every time I think I've understood what I'm doing, blender throws a new problem at me. That's been fine, I think I've worked out most of the problems - but now that I finally think I'm ready to export, it throws up "Could not load surface X (LOD 0) from Blender: UV seam found! Split meshes at UV seams?" - where "X" could be any part of the body. I've gone through some threads on similar problems on this forum, and they seemed to suggest separating off parts of the mesh and rejoining them, which I've done. I've gone through the UVs and removed all seams, and I've made sure that there are no bits of one mesh joined incorrectly to another.

    I'm at my wits end on this one, and my google-fu has failed me on fixing the issue. So....anyone able to help a complete noob at this out? Thanks!


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