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  1. Harmony Temple

    Author: Magnus D'Kana
    Contact: magnusdkana@hotmail.com OR Magnus D'Kana#9312
    Website: http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/
    File Name and Version: harmony_temple.bsp, boss_battle_all.bsp and others such as models/textures/scripts/sounds etc.
    (Original) Release Date: 15/11/2019
    Build Time: 1 year and 9/10 months (not actual work time)
    Filesize: 107,119 KB
    ***I found out that this map's npc scripts do not properly work on ja+, therefore if you want the full experience, play on base.***

    So I started this map, Harmony Temple (previously named Hidden Vale), a looooong time ago. In fact I started my process of learning to
    map alongside starting this map after only around a month of starting JKA (January 2018 specifically). I’ve come a long way since then 
    and I kept my old .map files which I look back on with horror lol. I have also kept a lot of the map true to how it started, most 
    notably the spawn area which was the first area I started on the map and has been heavily revamped many times as I have progressed 
    in my ability to map. Along the way of progress, I have had to learn many things about modding in JKA such as lighting theory, scripting, 
    advanced entity work, architecture, game design, modelling, sound editing, skinning, texture editing, texture creation, shader creation 
    and a lot more! Although I didn’t work on the map the ENTIRE  time between January 2018 and now, I still hope that the amount of time and 
    effort I put into this map and improving my knowledge shows in this final product and you enjoy it as much as I loved creating and testing it
    I will put in a disclaimer here...the boss battle map is fairly challenging-it is meant to test your limits as a player and as such the average 
    player will likely fail at the challenges... a lot. I just wanted to say that this is entirely what I intended. I based the challenges around 
    trial maps I have completed and most of those were super challenging and even frustrating but I always felt like I had improved by the end of 
    them (I even think my map is much easier than the trial maps I've played on xD). So my idea for these challenges was basically so that they 
    would challenge even the best of players and allow them to adapt to the challenge and grow as a player. Soooo yeah don't be disheartened if you 
    fail at them (if it makes you feel better I died to the crushers around 49/50 times back when they were almost double the speed they are now :P.
    The Harmony Temple map features:
    -A spawn area, with combo training pads (from Virtue’s academy maps). It also has two portals-one to the combat area and one to the “pit”.
    -A med bay, with health and shield pickups to bring you up to 200hp and bacta tanks. It also features KOTOR kolto tanks and medical beds, allowing 
    - A mess hall, which offers ability to RP (watch for the chimney coming from the fire pit blowing out smoke on the roof!)
    -An outside “hang-out” area, with gardens inspired by Skyrim’s College of Winterhold’s glowlight garden in the arch mage’s quarters. It also 
    features a crystal cave and several places to RP.
    -An entrance which leads to the pit, the combat area and the stairs.
    -A combat area, complete with two duelling rooms; a room for training various theories (theories used by The Valley of the Jedi community in 
    regards to duelling and movement) and also a drone room for practising aerials.
    -A “pit”, heavily inspired by Virtue’s pit on the academy maps and also Zach’s pit on The Valley of the Jedi. This pit uses rotating central 
    platforms, HP stepping stones and a central mini duelling platform.
    -A library, which features two side meditation rooms; an orb with a story (I call it the Eye of Magnus after Skyrim’s Eye of Magnus :P); 
    opportunity to meditate on different paths of the force and gain force boons and also a hidden armoury (try to find a hidden button somewhere...
    unless you want to cheat-then just use /noclip!)
    -Dorm room hallway, which contains unique master bedrooms on the right and more boring (...except one) student bedrooms on the left.
    -An entrance to a trial map I am working on (this will be useless to most seen as though I won’t be releasing to the public).
    -A council room, which has a strong theme of nature. It is said that the masters who gathered on the chairs had to use telepathy with the force 
    so they could hear each other over the loud waterfalls <_<.
    -The map also features a treasure hunt (using holocrons) and also a hidden password-locked door. There will be more info on this further down.
    The Boss Battle map features:
    -A lava challenge room, which features a laser obstacle course, booby traps and hidden doors.
    -A “precision jump” challenge room, which features moving small platforms.
    -A crusher challenge room, which features fast crushers and another challenge (no spoilers).
    - A strafe challenge room, which features strafe jumps which probably range from around 3-8/10 for difficulty (10 being near impossible) 
    -A boss battle room, which features a scripted boss battle.
    Information and Help:
    -These maps are quite big together and they contain .NPC files. If you are using the base MP client, it is likely you will have to remove other
    .pk3s which contain .NPC files (otherwise you'll get an error when trying to play). I personally never had this issue when I was using either 
    the openjk or the eternaljk client. I assume because they extend the limit of .NPC files.
    -Note that the boss battle map is really designed for a single player however, to make sure everyone has something to do, 4 players is the 
    recommended maximum. This is because there are 4 challenges and each challenge is quite hard to do with multiple people. To make sure everyone 
    gets a chance to play all of the challenges, you can simply restart the map with /rcon map boss_battle_all.
    -The holocrons around the map all contribute to make up one password-the numbers represent what order the letters are. The letters stand for 
    their respective colour so O=Orange for example.
    -It is possible the holocrons are very hard to find. As such, I will give some help. Comb every inch of the map, check shadowed areas, underwater, 
    try to break objects/walls with your saber and remember you can use your saber as a torch to search shadowy areas for hidden buttons!
    -The same advice as above goes for finding the hidden password-locked door. Once you reach the password door, I should tell you: the sequence resets 
    every time you get the order wrong. If you get the right colour, you will hear a confirmation sound; if you get the wrong colour....well you’ll 
    know-trust me >:D.
    -Once you have unlocked the door, press use inside the portal to change map to the boss battle map. This may or may not cause your game to crash. 
    If it does cause a crash, just do /rcon map boss_battle_all (you can also use this command if you want to cheat but I recommend doing the full 
    experience the correct way).
    -When you have spawned in the boss battle map, you will see two force fields. At the end of each challenge room, there will be a lever. 
    This lever will deactivate a force field when used. Also in the left room from spawn, you have to press all 3 buttons at the end of each trial, 
    and the centre “apparatus” will reveal the lever you need.
    -For some advice, the challenges are meant to test your patience and ability to think; along with testing game mechanical knowledge and skills. 
    Some rooms might feel a bit like cat mario but if you observe and use your own intuition, you can work out how to avoid the traps. Also...
    -The boss battle consists of 3 stages. If you defeat the 1st boss "aspect" and the forcefields do not turn off-do /devmap boss_battle_all and
    use /noclip to restart the boss battle.
    -After the boss battle has completed, you will receive a message. This glitches a bit for some reason and the messages might repeat 
    it's not too bad, just wait until the portal is on, and then press use on it to return to Harmony Temple. Like before, this may or may not 
    crash you/your server (for some reason, the boss battle portal always crashed the server I tested the map on, but not when I was in a solo 
    game-therefore I would reccomend doing /rcon map harmony_temple regardless, if you are on a server). If it does, restart and do /rcon map 
    harmony_temple (if it is a base server).
    -Recommended settings for boss battle map: /_dynamiclight 1, force jump 3, no force speed (makes it ez :P), /g_forceregentime 200 
    (it causes more frustration but force management makes the challenges more rewarding to complete), /com_maxfps 125, for ja+ servers-please
    allow base wall grabs (I think it's something like g_debugmelee but not sure) and also for ja+ servers-disable grapple. You also NEED force 
    push/pull level 3.
    Thanks to:
    - Zachry D'Kana for letting me use prefabs and textures from his map (The Valley of the Jedi) and also for his HUGE help with a lot of things 
    including: help setting up my radiant for the first time; shaders; scripts; lighting advice; entity advice and help; teaching me how to make 
    area portals;  ideas; building a lot of the library for me and inspiring me to begin mapping with his own awesome maps!
    -Rhendo D'Kana for teaching me most of what I know about scripting; insisting I use clipping instead of arbitrary rotation (seriously thanks a 
    lot for that xD) ; advice; spotting bugs and introducing me to entities for the first time.
    -Reep D’Kana for always answering questions I had whilst making my map; advice; spotting z-fighting; amazing ideas and teaching me many things 
    I always wondered about such as how to make light flares.
    -Jaina D’Kana for letting me know how bad it was that she couldn’t splash in the fountain water (it’s been fixed now lol) and also spotting bugs 
    in my map.
    -Helena Revan for helping me fix a rotating script and giving advice for one of my challenge rooms.
    -Rich Diesal for his awesome tutorial series which helped me immensely when first learning mapping and I even continued to check back on certain 
    lessons even later on, down the line.
    -AshuraDX for helping me to fix a bad .map file my portal shader.
    -Asgarath83 for giving help on some NPC scripting.
    -Szico for his tutorial on rotating doors with area portals.
    -NAB622 for his tutorial on botrouting.
    -These are just a handful of people who have been SO helpful to me whilst I was learning every skill I needed to make my map. Because I have a 
    bad memory, I can’t possibly list everyone who has helped me-so I just wanted to thank anyone who has supported me through enthusiasm, teaching, 
    fixing etc. And even all the tutorials and forums posts I found to help me. I couldn’t have made nearly as awesome of a map without you all so a 
    big thanks to all of you!! ?
    -Jaina, Prospero, Reep, Rhendo, Zachry and Zhan-Thanks for all the advice for improvements and extra ideas...the map wouldn't be as awesome without
    all of you :).


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  2. Quidditch-A Hydroball Map

    Author: Magnus D'Kana
    Contact: magnusdkana@hotmail.com
    Website: http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/
    File Name and Version: quidditch.pk3 and quidditch.map
    (original)Release Date: 18/05/2019
    Filesize: 77MB
    This is my first attempt at making a hydroball map. It's obviously inspired by quidditch from Harry Potter (hence the name) but other than there being 3 hoops acting as goals, everything is the same as regular hydroball.
    I decided to make a little duelling area too so that if people get bored for a while, they can just do a couple of duels or whatever.
    This is also the first ever map I have made public (so far) so there might be bugs or whatever, feel free to let me know about them if you find any.
    I'm also adding the .map file to the .zip folder, feel free to learn from it if you want, or modify it to your liking.
    Additionally, if there's something you REALLY want changed for some reason (such as a bug or you think the size of the arena is too small for example) you can tell me and I will probably change it and update the file (I only tested the map once with someone else )
    Just put the .pk3 into your base folder
    Just remove the .pk3 from your base folder
    Thanks to Zachry D'Kana for letting me use textures from his map (The Valley of the Jedi)
    Also thanks to Jaina D'Kana for testing the original, first, version of this map
    I couldn't have done this map without Richdiesal's tutorial series, GingerbreadNinja's hydroball mapping tutorial and Rich Whitehouse for making hydroball and uploading to JKHub...so thanks a lot to all of you
    Credits to Super Mario World for the map music (it's from an underwater level)
    Finally, thank you to Kic for the tree models.


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