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My sequel trilogy changes

Guest Redemption

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Guest Redemption

I seen on YouTube that some people are telling their own version of The Last Jedi's plot, so I thought I'd give mine here.


Star Wars

Episode VII

The Force Awakens


It has been a time of relative PEACE

in the galaxy. Many years have

passed since the DEFEAT of

The Galactic Empire.


LUKE SKYWALKER, the fabled Jedi

has vanished. Where once stood

the foundations of the NEW JEDI

ORDER, now lie only ruins.


Under new Leadership, the IMPERIAL

REMNANT have returned and prepare

to unleash WAR on an unsuspecting



Instead of Starkiller base, master tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn is the threat. Decimating Republic outposts, he is proofing to be an unbeatable foe. Powerless and unable to stop the Remnant, the New Republic seek the Jedi to save them from a second impending, imperial rule.


Sometime before the events of Episode VII.


On an expedition ship to find the First Jedi Temple, Luke senses a grave disturbance in the force. Growing incessantly troubled, he plots a return course immediately, back to Yavin 4... But fears it maybe too late.


Lukes thoughts drift to his nephew, sensing the growing darkness within the boy, Luke trusts that his beloved nephew is not the root cause of the disturbance he feels.

Arriving on scene, he finds his Jedi Order in flames. Amongst the ashes and cinders there is no hope. As he walks through the slain bodies of his students, he looks upon the remains of his wife. Despair takes his mind, he looks around no, not my little Kira as well... Unable to find his daughter he succumbs to grief.

Thinking them all dead. He has failed them, he has failed them all. Luke Skywalker, like the temple and the stricken bodies that lay at his knees, is broken.


Unbeknowest to Luke, his wife sensing the darkness was about to envelope it's host, sent her child away with a trusted student minutes before confronting the threat.


Luke leaves R2 behind on Yavin 4 with a distress call carrying a message for his sister. Taking his wife with him, he boards his ship and sets course to the first jedi temple.


So when we find Luke at the end of the force awakens, he stands at the grave of his wife and when Rey(Kira) finds him, well that scene would make a lot more sense imo.


Also the knights of ren takeover scene would make more sense as well instead of it being retconned in the last jedi as ben being portrayed as a jedi in all flashback scenes.


This would fit most of the force awakens and last jedi back stories


I'll write the rest of this later on... Its very juicy :)

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