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[Open Source][MBII][RTV] US Duel, FA, and Open Servers


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Most official and community maps are available for voting using RTV. The message of the day of all servers include instructions on how to use RTV.

Other features:
- Anti-cheat and flood protection enabled.
- Unpure clients (modified pk3 files) are welcome.
- Automatic team balancing is turned on for all servers other than the duel server. Also on these servers, spectators can't talk to players and can only spectate members from their own team.
- Fine-tuned anti-TK settings. People can't ruin the fun for you.
- All servers reset to popular default maps when all players leave.
- Maximum dismemberment. Client settings must match though, so make sure you type seta cg_dismember 100 in the game console.
- Servers are dockerized and restart themselves automatically upon any type of failure.
Vote Your Fun Map [FA|RTV]
Vote Your Map [FA|RTV]
Vote Your Map [Open|RTV]
Vote Your Map [Duel|RTV] (Closed until I find good admins)
MBII Version: 1.4.0
For Administrator Volunteers
The only requirement is to be a mature and nice person. Let me know if you're interested.
Technical Musings
Currently I'm deploying all services to a node in San Francisco. May change in the future.
Will transition to using OpenJK at some point. You can track the issue for it here. The purpose of the project is to provide the JA community the means to set up scalable and solid servers, easily and quickly.
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Updated servers to 1.4 and added a new server focused only on fun maps. The transition to using OpenJK instead of using jampded will be done soon as well, which means way better servers.

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