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JKA RP - The Force Divided


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EDIT: The RP is practically (Notice I say practically) dead, alot of the faction leaders have been inactive and there's occasionally a trio roleplaying. The whole administration became questionable so it's all very up in the air. You are welcomed to try the community (if it's still around) as you wish just saying that as of 4/14/20 it's pretty much in it's last days. I'm no longer in it, a number of the only active roleplayers are no longer in it so I say don't waste your time but you are welcomed to try (hence the invite link not being deleted) 


Hello there,

   The successor of RPG Universe and Hope's End- the two servers have merged and now it's some super duper big server with lots of players in it (I swear). Give us a try if the other RP servers don't work out for you.

400 ABY, the New Galactic Republic is englufed into conflict as the resurrected Sith Empire begans it's conquest to take the Galaxy back from the hands of the Jedi. With Coruscant and many worlds captured, the New Galactic Republic is struggling to mobilize it's military to take the fight back at the Sith Empire. Meanwhile the Chiss Ascendancy which has just gotten out of a war against the Republic has proceeded to invade Republic Outer-Rim Worlds in an effort to further destabilize the Republic Government and make way for it's Chiss Queen. 

With Mandalore the Keeper emerging from the backdrop with a new Mandalorian army with the intent of taking back it's ancestral worlds and going to battle with the Republic and the Jedi for it's treachery. 


Join our Discord to get started and find out more about our lovely RP community. We got some modellers and texture-artists to help you make your own custom character if you need help making a character specific to your design. 


Edited by Marana
Major change in the JK RP Community. Number of things happened a couple of days ago that would put the community's future into question.
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