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Jedi Knight Roleplay - OJP


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Jedi Knight Roleplay

We are a new roleplaying community that uses the OJP RP mod for the game Jedi Academy. The mod overhauls its already superb saber combat system and adds roleplay elements. We use discord as our form of communication: https://discord.gg/Y6e39bs


3,000 years before the CLONE WARS, the SITH EMPIRE has dominated the GALAXY. The EMPIRE unleashed a DROID ARMY against the vulnerable and unsuspecting REPUBLIC and the JEDI ORDER. With the REPUBLIC destroyed, THE SITH LORDS and their armies continue to hunt down and destroy the surviving JEDI KNIGHTS. Tracking the JEDI to ORD MANTELL, the SITH now have the planet under strict quarantine. The JEDI must secretly recruit new students and freedom-fighters to help liberate ORD MANTELL and instate a NEW JEDI ORDER to restore the REPUBLIC.

Interested? Join us now! 
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