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Ongoing Training classes for NGN


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Hello all!
I am wanting to extend this ongoing invitation to all who wish to show up. We host The Dojo on the NGN server every Friday and Saturday, where we train in everything from basic saber combatives, aerial assault and defense, Force combatives and sometimes even acrobatics. This training is invaluable to my members, and I feel the community may find it the same. Scheduling can be found here: https://thengnclan.com/the-dojo/ and all announcements will be here: https://thengnclan.com/forum/index.php?board=39.0 any questions can be directed to my Discord here: NinjaGenius#2355. I hope to see you there! I feel through training together, we can grow together. 

NGN is devoted to training new students of JKA in sabering and Force powers. Our clan's focus for new recruits is training specifically, as well as the creation of a family/community for those that may not have it in real life. We wish to give back to the community that has given us so much over the years!

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