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A CFG, or configuration file, is a .cfg document that allows the player to group a list of commands, or change numerous cvars simultaneously. The game automatically saves your settings to a config file which is automatically loaded when the game starts.


A .cfg file is a regular text file, usually renamed to have the extension ".cfg", although this is not required. The text file is then modified and filled with content, like so

[insert any commands/cvars]
[on a new line, add the next command/cvar modification]

The finished .cfg file can then be placed in .pk3 file, or the base folder.


In order to execute a configuration file, type the following into the console:

exec [cfg name (no '.cfg' is required)]

However, if you decided to create a configuration with another extensions, like .txt, then you must include the '.txt' in the cfg name.

Special Configuration Files[edit]

  • A configuration file titled 'autoexec.cfg' is automatically executed on game start.
  • 'default.cfg' and 'mpdefault.cfg' are used in JKA to set the binds for the game.
  • In JKA, 'JASP.cfg' and 'JAMP.cfg' are created when the respective game is played, and they store the session's information there.
  • Any cvar changed using seta gets saved to .cfg files.

Related Commands[edit]

  • The write command writes a .cfg file
  • The exec command (mentioned above) executes a given .cfg file