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Don't be a jerk

Do not insult others, make personal attacks or hateful posts, or intentionally instigate arguments.

Don't post illegal or harmful content

In order to protect JKHub and our visitors legally, we cannot allow content that is either illegal or harmful. Some examples of content we cannot allow include:

  • Links to torrent sites or otherwise illegal software
  • Links to DDoS attacks, browser crashes, malware, or otherwise harmful websites
  • Links to hacks (wallhacks, aimbots)
  • Child pornography and pornography in general.

Don't be obscene

JKHub is not necessarily family-friendly, and we have nothing against the use of expletives here and there. If you want to throw a stray 'fuck' into your post, go for it. That said, there is a difference between being off-color and being obscene. Please try not to be overly obscene. We are not interested in knowing your favorite sex position, or your porn collection.

We encourage our users to behave in a non-offensive manner where possible.

Don't spam excessively

We're okay with an off-topic post here and there. However, please try to avoid excessive spam and off-topic posting. Keeping off-topic posts to a minimum will allow us to keep a reasonable ratio of high quality posts versus low quality posts. In the end, we're all here to talk about Jedi Academy, not your favorite cat pictures.

Staff have the final say

Users are welcome and encouraged to question staff decisions if they feel these decisions are incorrect. That said, please understand that our staff has the final say when it comes to moderating threads and enforcing our rules. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content on our website for any reason we deem necessary.

Please remember the staff is also human, and just trying to run this forum in the best possible way.

Contacting us

If you'd like to contact us for any reason, please visit our contact page.