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Nina mod
Author(s) Larry McBruce
Release date 2004
Game(s) Jedi Academy
Mode(s) Single Player action

Nina is a small Single Player modification for Jedi Academy. It was the first installment in the Nina series, created by Larry McBruce in 2004. The story got an update with Nina 1.5. mod and it was continued with subsequent mods about Nina Delenda. In 2022 a Nina Anthology was released by Zahar, consisting of all of the previously created Nina parts.


Nina Delenda is a Force sensitive mercenary, working for anyone, who pays for the job. And pays well. Nobody knows of her origins though, but are aware of her excellent skills and unusual abilities, that made her special among the people of her profession. Despite her connection to the Force, Nina wasn't a Jedi, neither was she a follower of the Dark Side. The young mercenary simply wanted to find her own place in the Galaxy.

The only thing she knew of her early life was that she once had a sister - Tavion, strong in the Force too, who died at the young age during one of the recent conflicts between the Remnant and the Republic. When Nina turned 19 years old, she decided to learn the ultimate faith of Tavion. The search for truth brought Nina to Korriban, the place where the Cult of Ragnos perished in their attempt to revive the ancient Sith Lord. The bounty hunter entered the tombs and saw, that the Remnant forces established a secret outpost there. The Imperials would attack the girl, but she still managed to make her way through the ruins and catacombs of the Sith World only to meet an unknown Reborn warrior that knew the truth about Tavion. He didn't say much however, but Nina learned that there were others who could reveal the story to her. One of these people was kept in prison somewhere on one of the Imperial worlds.

Several hours later after the neutralization of the Imperial base Nina would meet Jan Ors that was held captured in the Imperial prison. The Rebel pilot explained that if there were anyone who could tell the truth about Tavion, then that would be Kyle Katarn.

Together Ors and Delenda left for Tatooine in order to find Katarn. Nevertheless several criminal gangs tried to stop them along with several reborn force users. In the end Nina and Kyle would fight against the local criminal boss as well as a modified shadowtrooper in the hangar where the Raven's Claw was docked. When the situation calmed down, Nina got the answers she sought for so long - about the true motives of her sister, of the Jedi and the Empire Reborn. While on Yavin IV Kyle invited Nina to join them in the Jedi Academy, and Luke Skywalker backed up Kyle's offer. However Nina Delenda thought that perhaps she should be what she had always been.


The mod includes a large temple complex on Korriban, full of Imperial forces and followers of the Dark Side. The map is made in such a way, that Players have to solve several puzzles in order to get through. The Imperial base is a smaller location with a well-designed interior and a scene with Jan Ors. Tatooine level reminds partly what we see in JA original level in terms of architecture, though the author added a very cosy cantina and streets nearby. The action starts after Jan and Nina enter the basement, when a local Rodian spaceport administrator decides to inform the local thugs of their arrival. The very same moment the streets are no longer crowded with civilians.



  • Unidentified Reborn
  • Unidentified Shadowtrooper


  • Stormtrooper
  • Gran
  • Rodian
  • Weequay
  • Reborn
  • Shadowtrooper
  • Cultist

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