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A modification, or "mod" for short, is any change made to the original game. Mods can range from simple skin re-colorings to complex maps. A full list of mods hosted by JKHub can be found at

Types of modding[edit]

Asset modding[edit]

Type Description
2D Art Creation Editing the game's 2D image files, eg. creating new textures and shaders
Animation Changing or adding animations to the game, or rigging models for game usage
Modelling Creating unique models and playermodels for the game
Skinning Modifying a model's original textures, or creating new textures for an existing model.
Sound Editing Adding or replacing sound effects or music for use in the game

Map modding[edit]

Type Description
Mapping Custom map creation
Scripting a broad category of modding, involving ICARUS scripting, UI menu creation, and bot scripting

Gameplay modding[edit]

Type Description
Coding Changing the game's source in order to add or change gameplay features
Saber modding Adding new lightsabers or changing the behaviour of lightsabers (see .sab)
Weapons modding Changing the behaviour of weapons (see weapons.dat)
Vehicle modding Adding new vehicles or changing the behaviour of vehicles (see .veh)
NPC modding Adding new NPCs or changing the properties of NPCs (see .npc)

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