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Control is a command that allows the player to assume control of an npc. The desired npc must have a name specified. The HUD is removed from the player's view, and a blue screen is placed over the player's view. The player can use this command by typing the following in the console:

control [npc name]

The player can regain control of their self with:



control player

This command is only available in single player. Unfortunately, the player is limited in their control of the npc. For example, the player cannot change the weapon of the npc by scrolling, which the player can usually do. In order to return control to the player, type "control" in the console.


  • In JKO, the function is used to control a mouse droid in order to navigate the mission.
  • The function can also be used through ICARUS function: "SET_VIEWENTITY".
  • Theoretically, the player may have to use "control kyle" in order to regain control in JKO. JKA is the only game that refers to the player as "player" while JKO calls the player as "kyle".