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A clan is a group or guild within a gaming community that is made up of people who play together or connect to a singular goal or similar ideals about how a game is to be played.

Clan's in JKA[edit]

Clans in JKA are fairly common and usually have an abundance of differences. Although there are two basic categories that a clan can fall into, depending on the general function that it serves, no clan ever fully fits into any single category and the distinctions that make such categories useful tend to be very blurry at best.

List of clans in Jedi Academy.


Clans such as these tend to focus on the social element of the game, preferring a gaming environment where players can hang out on FFA servers, chat and even roleplay. Examples are JP, DJE, JAWA, EK, JvS oFc and AoF. Such clans tend to favour mods such as JA+ or Clanmod over Base for their administration and gameplay features. Although they do not tend to be populated by players who value competitive play all that much, many of those clans tend to occasionally participate in clan matches and even have internal leagues, tournaments and schools or training grounds that make for a certain degree of competition possible.


Clans such as these focus on playing competitive matches against each other and tend to be filled with players whose primary interest lies in their improvement and competitive success. An example being WoV, aXiom, Ozone, Master or Jedi Academy Aurochs. These clans tend to use Base over modded versions of the game for its pure and unchanged sabering system. Although their primary purpose is to compete against others, it is not unheard of for many of those clans to run modded FFA servers for the sake of providing a casual environment or schedulding fun events unrelated to competitive play.