Yellow Style

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Yellow, also known as Medium style, is one of the three single saber stances. It is obtained by purchasing Saber Offense 2. It has a max chain limit of 5 swings. It is also available with a staff. It is easiest to use against red stance due to it's speed advantages over it, but is less easy to use against staff and dual. It has slightly more reach than the saber staff and duals.

This stance is the first stance available in both Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast singleplayer.

the yellow style's HUD icon

Single Player:

It can be parried by strong defenders at the same/slightly less the rate of Fast style. It recovers from defensive actions more slowly than Fast, but much faster than Strong style.

However it's attacks are unbreakable when used with a saber with a high enough breakParryBonus.