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Position Mercenary
Homeworld Sriluur
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Weequay
Sex Male
Distinctions brown skin, hair tails
Weapon Bowcaster
Affiliation Reelo Baruk, Empire Reborn
Appears in Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy

Weequays are humanoids, which serve as the enemies in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.


Weequays appear in JO and JA, where they serve as the enemies starting with Nar Shaddaa level. When Kyle Katarn enters the local cantina, a few thugs spot him, especially when he brings his lightsaber to the bar. The local Barman closes the bar soon after that and alerts all the mercenaries to attack the Jedi. Weequays then would be among the many mercenaries trying to kill Katarn, often acting together with Grans and Rodians. They would be also present on Cloud City, where one Weequay would use a turret to kill Bespin Cops.

A few years later another Jedi - Jaden Korr would also fight many weequays during his missions, one being to Nar-Kreeta.

Behind the scenes[edit]

For JA weequays would get a special shader, which changes the color of their vest randomly. They are also ones of the enemies to get several NPC files, which differ in their hairstyle. It is likely that Weequays are introduced to JO as a replacement for Grave Tuskens in Dark Forces II, which also used bowcasters. However they are seen in Mysteries of the Sith, where they attack Mara Jade.

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