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VIP (also known as Save the President) is an unofficial gamemode in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It has it's roots in Counter Strike 1.6 and was later introduced to Jedi Academy, becoming popular around the year 2006.


VIP is played in the Team Free For All (TDM) gamemode, usually with guns and force-powers disabled, featuring two teams. One team assigns one of their players to be the VIP (very important person), who needs to be protected by the other players of the team. The VIP is not allowed to attack or to even activate his lightsaber. His task is to survive as long as possible, while the other team tries to kill him. In contrast to other gamemodes there are no rules against running. On the contrary, in order to survive the VIP needs to hide and run from the enemy team. However, it is forbidden to use bugs and glitches, like clipping through walls.

Once the VIP has died, the time get's saved. Then the match get's restarted and the teams switch roles. If the new VIP is able to survive longer than the one of the opposing team could, they score a point. Else, the other team scores.

VIP in Competitive Play[edit]

After becoming more and pore popular among base players, the ESL introduced an official VIP ladder to it's European Jedi Academy section in September 2007. Right after the opening, several of the current top TDM teams signed up, including StarAiming, saber Academy, Jedi Academy Aurochs and xeTox. Team StarAiming was the uncontested champion in this ladder, with a final score of 8 wins to zero losses. After one year, in September 2008, the ladder got closed due to a lack of activity.