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The Dark Pastime

The Dark Pastime is a fan-made modification for the Jedi Academy video game, continuing the adventures of Kyle Katarn, the protagonist of the Jedi Knight series. The story is set approximately three years after the events in the original games, and 14 years after Battle of Endor (i.e. in 17 ABY). The Player once again takes the role of Kyle.

After the destruction of the Cult of Marka Ragnos and the victory of the Jedi on Korriban, the New Republic entered the era of relative peace. Various conflicts still take place, but the former Galactic Empire is weakened and seems to have calmed down, limiting its operations to a few remote Galactic regions. The Jedi Order, established by Luke Skywalker, continues to take in new students and often assists the Republic and local planetary governments in various missions across the Galaxy. (Full article...)