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Position Soldier
Homeworld Varies
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Human
Sex Male
Distinctions green armor
Weapon E-11 Blaster, Repeater
Affiliation Galactic Empire, Empire Reborn
Appears in Jedi Outcast

Swamptroopers are a special branch of the stormtrooper corps in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

Official Description[edit]

Similar in look to scout troopers, the swamp troopers are green in color to blend into the swampy surroundings. Swamp Troopers are armed with the Golan Arms FC-1.


When Desann and Galak Fyyar begin their attack on Yavin IV, their forces have to land in the jungle, often making their way through dangerous swamps, surrounding the Jedi Praxeum. In these dark and humid location the Empire Reborn relies greatly on special stormtroopers - the swamptroopers, which wear green armor (camouflage) and have breathable masks, which allow them to stay in the jungle unnoticed and make their way underwater if necessary. Many of them were assisted by Reborn warriors and shadowtroopers, all of which arrived with the main force of the Empire with the Doomgiver.

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