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TIE Fighter Pilot
Position Pilot
Homeworld Varies
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Human
Sex Male
Distinctions black armor
Weapon Blaster
Affiliation Galactic Empire, Empire Reborn
Appears in Jedi Outcast

TIE Fighter Pilots, sometimes called Stormpilots, are the troopers, serving in the Starfighter Corps of the Imperial Navy in JK series.


TIE Fighter Pilots have been for long the main threat of the Rebellion in the dark skies of the Galaxy. Usually they would pilot very different star fighters in the service of the Galactic Empire, including the most notable ones TIE Fighter and TIE Bomber. In their black suits and large helmets they differed from their ground counterparts - stormtroopers - both in appearance and their accuracy. The pilots played a prominent role since the first days of formation of the Empire, replacing the old Clone pilots with similar white helmets.

Some storm pilots played a major role during the battle of Yavin IV, when the Rebel Alliance launched an attack on the Death Star. Often these tried to destroy the many X-Wing fighters of the Alliance, not without a victory. However they failed to stop one pilot - Luke Skywalker, when assisting Lord Vader - a mistake, which caused the Empire the destruction of their super weapon and the death of many in the Imperial Navy.


Kyle Katarn encounters a group of TIE pilots during his mission to Doomgiver. While the main threat was coming from stormtroopers and other Imperial personnel, the pilots would also try to shoot down the Jedi, though most of them rushed towards the ships to participate in the space battle above Yavin IV. Some of these were also destroyed by Kyle, who used a turret aboard the Imperial vessel.

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