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Siege is a is a multiplayer gametype available in Jedi Academy. This gametype consists of two teams: Offense and Defense. The objective is straightforward: before the time runs out, the offense team attacks certain targets to reach the main goal, while the defense team must stop them.


Each player can choose from a list of classes, depending on their team:

  • Jedi
  • Sith
  • Demolition
  • Sniper
  • Medic

Classes are unlocked as the round progresses.

Related Cvars[edit]

  • g_gametype 7 - sets the gametype to Siege.

Related Commands[edit]

Jedi Academy Maps[edit]

Picture Name Location Map
Siege hoth.png Hoth Attack Hoth siege_hoth
Siege desert.png Desert Rescue Tatooine siege_desert
Siege korriban.png Korriban Valley Korriban siege_korriban

Bonus Maps[edit]

Official bonus map made available by Raven Software:

Picture Name Location Map
Siege destroyer.png Star Destroyer Assault siege_destroyer