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Position Dark Acolyte
Homeworld n/a
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Human
Sex Male
Distinctions Cortosis Armor with Force Crystal
Weapon Lightsaber
Affiliation Empire Reborn
Appears in Jedi Outcast

Shadowtrooper are one of the strongest Dark Force Users, serving Dark Jedi Desann and Tavion in Jedi Outcast.


In JO[edit]

After the battle on Artus Prime, Kyle Katarn loses Jan Ors, presumably killed by Dark Jedi Desann, and is eager to travel to the Valley of the Jedi to regain his own Force powers. While continuing his investigation little does Katarn knows, that the Dark followers also used the powers of the ancient Jedi monument to create an army of Reborn warriors to destroy the Jedi Order and the Republic.

The investigation of the criminals on Nar Shaddaa leads Kyle to Bespin, where he encounters the first Reborn warrior with many more on their way. But these lacked the discipline and weren't as powerful and experienced in dueling as most Jedi are, as [Luke Skywalker]] says to Kyle in the Leniko Belt, which might be the reason why Galak Fyyar worked on introducing a very different type of enemy - the Shadowtrooper, soldier like stormtroopers in the Empire, but capable to fight the Jedi equally.

But unlike the Jedi Knights, a Shadowtrooper would rely more on their back armor, which could withstand a large amount of damage from the saber. The special Crystal in the armor also enhanced Shadowtroopers' strength and abilities in the Force. In their combat they would use their red lightsaber, and when necessary could use the cloaking device to camouflage their presence near the enemy, a trait often used by a Shadowtrooper both on Doomgiver and on Yavin IV.

Years later a similar cloaking device would be favored a lot by Imperial marauders, which attacked different worlds during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis.

In mods[edit]

When JO came out, many fans create their own SP mods for the game, where the next generation of Shadwotroopers would continue the legacy of their predecessors. Usually they had similar abilities, but a different crystal was used. The armor itself was changed, revealing partly the face of the warrior. Like previously these would be often accompanied by Reborn warriors.

Behind the scenes[edit]

It is notable, that Shadowtroopers are not a novice in the Star Wars universe. Troopers with similar names were in use by the Empire and other fractions during every different times, one being a shadow stormtrooper - a black armor specops trooper of the Galactic Empire, while the other one shadow trooper, which served as a shock trooper for the same organization. Shadowtroopers in Jedi Outcast might be a nod towards Dark Troopers, a special projects of the Empire, featured in Dark Forces video game.

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