Mon Mothma

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Mon Mothma
Position New Republic Leader
Homeworld Chandrilla
Birth 48 BBY
Death 24 ABY
Species Human
Sex Female
Distinctions white cloak
Weapon none
Affiliation Rebel Alliance, New Republic
Appears in Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast

Mon Mothma is a recurring character in Jedi Outcast, giving the assignments to Kyle Katarn in the beginning of the game.


Mon Mothma is a politician, involved in the Galactic Senate affairs since young age. Even during the Clone Wars she was already a Senator representing her planet - Chandrilla, and she would continue her political career during the Imperial period. With the formation of the Galactic Empire, Mon Mothma would be one of the Senate members voicing her concerns about Palpatine's policy. In this regard she would become an ally of Bail Organa of Alderaan and Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia, forming the Rebel Alliance in later years. The first group of future Rebel sympathizers would also include senators Giddean Danu of Kuat, Padme Amidala of Naboo, Bana Breemu of Humbarine, Chi Eekway Papanoida of Pantora as well as some others.

During the Imperial period she would first lead the resistance on her native planet and later the whole Rebel Alliance to restore the Republic.

Prior to the attack on the second Death Star, Mon Mothma gives briefing to the whole Rebel fleet on the new superweapon and presents the sensitive data, brought by Bothan spies, that the Emperor himself would be present on the station during its final stage of construction.


In Jedi Outcast[edit]

Mon Mothma is seen in the starting scene with Kyle and Jan Ors approaching Kejim to investigate the rumored activity of the Imperial Remnant forces. Mon Mothma believes this can be just a small group of former troopers, but nevertheless is concerned with the earlier intercepted messages, regarding the Valley of the Jedi and Galak Fyyar.

After the mission Mon Mothma receives both agents in her office on Coruscant. The retrieved crystals on Kejim seem to have been used by the Imperials in the experiments, and actually originate from a mining colony on Artus Prime. Mon Mothma then gives another assignment to Kyle and Jan, which they complete, but with tragic ending. After that Katarn carries out his own mission - hunting down and bringing to justice the Dark Jedi Desann.

In Jedi Academy[edit]

Mon Mothma is absent from JA, but is a playable character in Multiplayer (just like in JO). Her images however can be spotted on a few advertisements in Coruscant mission level.

In Dark Forces[edit]

Mon Mothma plays a prominent role in the first game about Kyle Katarn, where he acts as a Rebel agent. The first mission is to gain access to the secret plans of a new super weapon, developed by the Empire - which brings the Player to Danuta. After stealing the plans for the first Death Star, Mon Mothma meets Kyle personally to send him on another mission - to investigate the incident on the planet of Talay. Kyle finds out, that the Empire wiped out the whole city as well as the Rebel Tak base with the use of the newly developed Dark Troopers.

Throughout the investigation, Mon Mothma would occasionally inform Kyle on new information together with Jan Ors.

In Mysteries of the Sith[edit]

Mon Mothma is briefly seen in Dark Forces II add-on, where she talks to Mara Jade regarding the disappeared Kyle Katarn. She then agrees, that their best agent and a good friend must be found, though great caution must be observed during these searches.

In mods[edit]

Mon Mothma makes an appearance in many mods, usually as a non-combatant character, she gives missions in several such modifications. In Communication Force she is the principal judge of the High Republic Court on Coruscant, attacked by Reborn warriors. In Colosseum her model is used for a male Prison Overseer.

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