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Mog's Blog was an opinion/informational webpage created on January 23, 2013. Formerly moderated by JKA community member, Mog. A few months after it's creation, Mog left the community and removed Mog's Blog altogether.


The blog was first proposed by Mog to JKHub creator, Caelum. The blog was created by Caelum within an hour of the suggestion and Mog took over customizing the webpage, while Caelum was responsible for technical details in the blog. By Caelum's departure from JKA however, Mog began to endorse himself in html coding to eventually take over as the site's webmaster. Until then, direct web management was still looked after by Caelum. The site was under the Hub's domain network, and was provided freely thanks to this service.

The Role of the Site[edit]

Mog intended the site to be "a place for JKA community members to state their opinions, while I myself state my own opinions about what goes on throughout our community". Since it's creation, Mog regularly posted articles regarding recent events, or topics of interest in JKA. Each article was usually short (average 300-400 words), however, the article usually gets to the point.

Shut Down[edit]

A few months into the blog's life, Mog vanished from the JKA community. He told Caelum that he no longer had the capacity to run the blog because it took away from his time to work on other more important projects. Caelum took down the website shortly thereafter. A few months after his departure, Mog returned to JKHub to give a full explanation to the community about the reason behind both his departure from JKA and of Mog's Blog's deactivation. Although he made it clear that he did not wish to restart the blog, he has hinted that it may return, "though it will not be as large and grandiose as it was".