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This is a complete compressed (.zip) file containing screenshot references of all the JK2 and JKA model assets, located in the base/models/map_objects folder. This should make it easier for modders of the game to browse the models and decide which to use without manually loading each and every model in radiant to check.

You should unzip the entire library to your computer so you can utilise your OS's inbuilt thumbnail viewer.

Created by Szico VII


  • Broken Models - Some models are broken - i.e they are missing texture assets. These are clearly labelled.
  • JK2 Models - Some models are for JK2 only, so you will need the JK2 asset files for the models to display correctly.
  • JKA Models - The above also applies to JKA.
  • Screenshots - Some screenshots were taken in-game to better illustrate their in-game appearance, so if they appear differently in radiant do not be alarmed.
  • Static Models - Any model with a _b suffix in its name was designed for use as a misc_model_static. It is otherwise identical to its normal counterpart, so there are no screenshots of these models.

Model Directories[edit]

These models are found in JKA\GameData\base\models\map_objects\


Bespin bench.jpeg Bespin chair.jpg Bespin panels.jpg Bespin sconce.jpg Bespin landostatue.jpg
bench.md3 chair.md3 landostatue.md3 panels.md3 sconce.md3
Bespin scow.jpg Bespin statue.jpg Bespin streetlight.jpg Bespin twinpodcc.jpg
scow.md3 statue.md3 streetlight.md3 twinpodcc.md3


Bounty bomb.jpg Bounty bomb placement.jpg Bounty cache.jpg Bounty cache2.jpg Bounty light.jpg
bomb.md3 bomb_placement.md3 cache.md3 cache2.md3 light.md3
Bounty light base.jpg Bounty light ledge.jpg Bounty light wall.jpg Bounty pillar.jpg Bounty sconce.jpg
light_base.md3 light_ledge.md3 light_wall.md3 pillar.md3 sconce.md3
Bounty wall pipes.jpg Bounty weapons cache new.jpg
wall_pipes.md3 weapons_cache_new.md3


Byss brace.jpg Byss control panel.jpg Byss firing station.jpg Byss tractor base.jpg Byss tractor top.jpg
brace.md3 control_panel.md3 firing_station.md3 tractor_base.md3 tractor_top.md3


Cairn absorber.jpg Cairn absorber d1.jpg Cairn barrels.jpg Cairn cargo big.jpg Cairn cargo sm.jpg
absorber.md3 absorber_d1.md3 barrels.md3 cargo_big.md3 cargo_sm.md3
Cairn container.jpg Cairn control panel.jpg Cairn emitter.jpg Cairn floorlight.jpg Cairn light.jpg
container.md3 control_panel.md3 emitter.md3 floorlight.md3 light.md3
Cairn receptor.jpg Cairn utilitylight.jpg Cairn welder.jpg
receptor.md3 utilitylight.md3 welder.md3


Cinematics asteroid.jpg Cinematics chair.jpg Cinematics crystal.jpg Cinematics crystal2.jpg Cinematics crystal3.jpg
asteroid.md3 chair.md3 crystal.md3 crystal2.md3 crystal3.md3
Cinematics desk.jpg Cinematics dread.jpg Cinematics imp shuttle.jpg Cinematics kylesleg.jpg Cinematics ladyluck chairs.jpg
desk.md3 dread.md3 imp_shuttle.md3 kylesleg.md3 ladyluck_chairs.md3
Cinematics pod.jpg Cinematics pod hatch.jpg Cinematics raven cockpit.jpg Cinematics ravensclaw.jpg Cinematics shuttle.jpg
pod.md3 pod_hatch.md3 raven_cockpit.md3 ravensclaw.md3 shuttle.md3
Cinematics statue.jpg Cinematics substatue.jpg Cinematics table.jpg
statue.md3 substatue.md3 table.md3


Danger ship item01.jpg Danger ship item01 placement.jpg Danger ship item02.jpg Danger ship item02 placement.jpg Danger ship item03.jpg
ship_item01.md3 ship_item01_placement.md3 ship_item02.md3 ship_item02_placement.md3 ship_item03.md3
Danger ship item03 placement.jpg Danger ship item04.jpg Danger ship item04 placement.jpg Danger ship part01.jpg Danger ship part02.jpg
ship_item03_placement.md3 ship_item04.md3 ship_item04_placement.md3 ship_part01.md3 ship_part02.md3
Danger ship part03.jpg Danger ship part04.jpg Danger ship part05.jpg Danger shuttle chair.jpg Danger shuttle chair noback.jpg
ship_part03.md3 ship_part04.md3 ship_part05.md3 shuttle_chair.md3 shuttle_chair_noback.md3
Danger shuttle chair x3.jpg Danger shuttle chair x5.jpg
shuttle_chair_x3.md3 shuttle_chair_x5.md3


Desert 3po arm.jpg Desert 3po head.jpg Desert 3po leg.jpg Desert 3po torso.jpg Desert cave lamp.jpg
3po_arm.md3 3po_head.md3 3po_leg.md3 3po_torso.md3 cave_lamp.md3
Desert cave pillar.jpg Desert crane.jpg Desert crawler junk1.jpg Desert crawler junk2.jpg Desert crawler junk3.jpg
cave_pillar.md3 crane.md3 crawler_junk1.md3 crawler_junk2.md3 crawler_junk3.md3
Desert crawler junk4.jpg Desert crawler junk5.jpg Desert dome.jpg Desert emitter.jpg Desert evaporator.jpg
crawler_junk4.md3 crawler_junk5.md3 dome.md3 emitter.md3 evaporator.md3
Desert junk1.jpg Desert junk2.jpg Desert junk3.jpg Desert junk4.jpg Desert junk5.jpg
junk1.md3 junk2.md3 junk3.md3 junk4.md3 junk5.md3
Desert junk6.jpg Desert junk7.jpg Desert junk8.jpg Desert junk9.jpg Desert junk10.jpg
junk6.md3 junk7.md3 junk8.md3 junk9.md3 junk10.md3
Desert junk11.jpg Desert lamp.jpg Desert landing light.jpg Desert lava hunk.jpg Desert old sandcrawler back.jpg
junk11.md3 lamp.md3 landing_light.md3 lava_hunk.md3 old_sandcrawler_back.md3
Desert ravenclaw part01.jpg Desert ravenclaw part02.jpg Desert ravenclaw part03.jpg Desert rock.jpg Desert sandcrawler back.jpg
ravenclaw_part01.md3 ravenclaw_part02.md3 ravenclaw_part03.md3 rock.md3 sandcrawler_back.md3
Desert support.jpg Desert switch locked.jpg Desert switch open.jpg Desert switch unlocked.jpg Desert switch2.jpg
support.md3 switch_locked.md3 switch_open.md3 switch_unlocked.md3 switch2.md3
Desert switch3.jpg Desert t cave.jpg Desert t cave2 new 50.jpg Desert t cave3 new.jpg Desert t pilar.jpg
switch3.md3 t_cave.ASE t_cave2_new_50.ASE t_cave3_new.ASE t_pilar.ASE
Desert t pilar2.jpg Desert t plat.jpg Desert t rock.jpg Desert t rockwall.jpg Desert t swall.jpg
t_pilar2.ASE t_plat.ASE t_rock.ASE t_rockwall.ASE t_swall.ASE
Desert t wall.jpg Desert t wall new.jpg Desert transformer.jpg Desert tube vent.jpg Desert vent.jpg
t_wall.ASE t_wall_new.ASE transformer.md3 tube_vent.md3 vent.md3
Desert view panel desert.jpg Desert wall generator.jpg Desert wall light.jpg Desert wall tanks.jpg Desert wall tanks02.jpg
view_panel_desert.md3 wall_generator.md3 wall_light.md3 wall_tanks.md3 wall_tanks02.md3


Factory barrel.jpg Factory bomb.jpg Factory bomb new.jpg Factory bomb new deact.jpg Factory bomb new placement.jpg
barrel.md3 bomb.md3 bomb_new.md3 bomb_new_deact.md3 bomb_new_placement.md3
Factory brace.jpg Factory catw.jpg Factory catw big.jpg Factory catw corner.jpg Factory catw ramp.jpg
brace.md3 catw.md3 catw_big.md3 catw_corner.md3 catw_ramp.md3
Factory catw2.jpg Factory ceiling light.jpg Factory column cap.jpg Factory column section 64.jpg Factory column section 128.jpg
catw2.md3 ceiling_light.md3 column_cap.md3 column_section_64.md3 column_section_128.md3
Factory column sections merged.jpg Factory coolant cap.jpg Factory coolant cap rotated.jpg Factory dynamo.jpg Factory e mod.jpg
column_sections_merged.md3 coolant_cap.md3 coolant_cap_rotated.md3 dynamo.md3 e_mod.md3
Factory e mod blue.jpg Factory emod big.jpg Factory emod big d1.jpg Factory f beam.jpg Factory f cap.jpg
e_mod_blue.md3 emod_big.md3 emod_big_d1.md3 f_beam.md3 f_cap.md3
Factory f con1.jpg Factory f con2.jpg Factory f door.jpg Factory f door inside.jpg Factory f gen.jpg
f_con1.md3 f_con2.md3 f_door.md3 f_door_inside.md3 f_gen.md3
Factory facpillar.jpg Factory fatal out.jpg Factory fatal out lessold.jpg Factory fatal out2.jpg Factory h tank.jpg
facpillar.md3 fatal_out.ASE fatal_out_lessold.ASE fatal_out2.ASE h_tank.md3
Factory hpart.jpg Factory light post.jpg Factory light post base.jpg Factory light post sm.jpg Factory long pipe.jpg
hpart.md3 light_post.md3 light_post_base.md3 light_post_sm.md3 long_pipe.md3
Factory longpipe new.jpg Factory monitor.jpg Factory pilar.jpg Factory pilar2.jpg Factory pipe.jpg
longpipe_new.md3 monitor.md3 pilar.md3 pilar2.md3 pipe.md3
Factory pipe corner.jpg Factory post base 16.jpg Factory railing.jpg Factory railing new.jpg Factory railing new 256.jpg
pipe_corner.md3 post_base_16.md3 railing.md3 railing_new.md3 railing_new_256.md3
Factory railing set 256.jpg Factory rock test.jpg Factory s crane.jpg Factory s crane02.jpg Factory s crate 01.jpg
railing_set_256.md3 rock_test.md3 s_crane.md3 s_crane02.md3 s_crate_01.md3
Factory s crate 02.jpg Factory s crate 03.jpg Factory s crate 04.jpg Factory s crate 05.jpg Factory s crate 06.jpg
s_crate_02.md3 s_crate_03.md3 s_crate_04.md3 s_crate_05.md3 s_crate_06.md3
Factory s light.jpg Factory s tank large.jpg Factory t bar.jpg Factory vent.jpg Factory view panel fact.jpg
s_light.md3 s_tank_large.md3 t_bar.md3 vent.md3 view_panel_fact.md3
Factory wall tank tall.jpg Factory wedge.jpg Factory window.jpg Factory window brace.jpg
wall_tank_tall.md3 wedge.md3 window.md3 window_brace.md3


Force holocrons grip.jpg Force holocrons heal.jpg Force holocrons jump.jpg Force holocrons l1.jpg Force holocrons push.jpg
grip.md3 heal.md3 jump.md3 l1.md3 push.md3
Force holocrons speed.jpg Force holocrons telepathy.jpg
speed.md3 telepathy.md3


H evil alcove mech.jpg H evil beam ring.jpg H evil bridge.jpg H evil control station.jpg H evil crawl frame.jpg
alcove_mech.md3 beam_ring.md3 bridge.md3 control_station.md3 crawl_frame.md3
H evil evil bridge.jpg H evil generator.jpg H evil mech crawler.jpg H evil pilar.jpg H evil pilar corner.jpg
evil_bridge.md3 generator.md3 mech_crawler.md3 pilar.md3 pilar_corner.md3
H evil rock.jpg H evil rock2.jpg H evil turbine.jpg H evil wall base.jpg H evil wall mech.jpg
rock.md3 rock2.md3 turbine.md3 wall_base.md3 wall_mech.md3
H evil wall mech2.jpg


Hoth at at head.jpg Hoth at at leg.jpg Hoth atst crashed.jpg Hoth bacta tank.jpg Hoth bed.jpg
at_at_head.md3 at_at_leg.md3 atst_crashed.md3 bacta_tank.md3 bed.md3
Hoth bed lamp.jpg Hoth blastdoor.jpg Hoth cave1.jpg Hoth cave1 b.jpg Hoth cave2.jpg
bed_lamp.md3 blastdoor.md3 cave1.ASE cave1_b.md3 cave2.ASE
Hoth cave2 b.jpg Hoth chair.jpg Hoth cliff.jpg Hoth console.jpg Hoth console on.jpg
cave2_b.md3 chair.md3 cliff.ASE console.md3 console_on.md3
Hoth control panel broken.jpg Hoth crate snow.jpg Hoth crate snow outside.jpg Hoth crate snow2.jpg Hoth crate snow2 outside.jpg
control_panel_broken.md3 crate_snow.md3 crate_snow_outside.md3 crate_snow2.md3 crate_snow2_outside.md3
Hoth crate snow3.jpg Hoth crate snow3 outside.jpg Hoth crate stackable.jpg Hoth e web cannon.jpg Hoth e web cannon d.jpg
crate_snow3.md3 crate_snow3_outside.md3 crate_stackble.md3 e_web_cannon.md3 e_web_cannon_d.md3
Hoth generator.jpg Hoth generator b.jpg Hoth ground transformer.jpg Hoth h cliff.jpg Hoth half eaten tauntaun.jpg
generator.md3 generator_b.md3 ground_transformer.md3 h_cliff.md3 half_eaten_tauntaun.md3
Hoth hall.jpg Hoth hall nopipes.jpg Hoth heater coil.jpg Hoth icearch.jpg Hoth icepillar.jpg
hall.md3 hall_nopipes.md3 heater_coil.md3 icearch.md3 icepillar.md3
Hoth infirmary table.jpg Hoth infirmary table2.jpg Hoth ion bigfin.jpg Hoth ion control.jpg Hoth ion nut.jpg
infirmary_table.md3 infirmary_table2.md3 ion_bigfin.md3 ion_control.md3 ion_nut.md3
Hoth ioncannon.jpg Hoth light ceiling.jpg Hoth light floor.jpg Hoth light wall.jpg Hoth light wallbeam.jpg
ioncannon.md3 light_ceiling.md3 light_floor.md3 light_wall.md3 light_wallbeam.md3
Hoth med console.jpg Hoth mountain 1.jpg Hoth mountain 2.jpg Hoth pipes.jpg Hoth rock.jpg
med_console.md3 mountain_1.ASE mountain_2.ASE pipes.md3 rock.md3
Hoth rock spike.jpg Hoth stalagmite large.jpg Hoth stalagmite small.jpg Hoth stalagtite large.jpg Hoth stalagtite small.jpg
rock_spike.md3 stalagmite_large.md3 stalagmite_small.md3 stalagtite_large.md3 stalagtite_small.md3
Hoth turret all.jpg Hoth turret base.jpg Hoth turret top.jpg Hoth turret top new.jpg Hoth wall transformer.jpg
turret_all.md3 turret_base.md3 turret_top.md3 turret_top_new.md3 wall_transformer.md3
Hoth wampa cave.jpg Hoth window.jpg
wampa_cave.ASE window.md3


Imp detention atst.jpg Imp detention door lock.jpg Imp detention tie fighter.jpg Imp detention tie fighter damage.jpg Imp detention transport.jpg
atst.md3 door_lock.md3 tie_fighter.md3 tie_fighter_damage.md3 transport.md3


Imp mine chair.jpg Imp mine con1.jpg Imp mine con2.jpg Imp mine control panel.jpg Imp mine crate.jpg
chair.md3 con1.md3 con2.md3 control_panel.md3 crate.md3
Imp mine crate open.jpg Imp mine crystal raw.jpg Imp mine desk.jpg Imp mine flightsuit.jpg Imp mine generator.jpg
crate_open.md3 crystal_raw.md3 desk.md3 flightsuit.md3 generator.md3
Imp mine generator u1.jpg Imp mine gonkdestroyed.jpg Imp mine ion cannon damage.jpg Imp mine ioncannon.jpg Imp mine ladyluck gun.jpg
generator_u1.md3 gonkdestroyed.md3 ion_cannon_damage.md3 ioncannon.md3 ladyluck_gun.md3
Imp mine lamp.jpg Imp mine mbay.jpg Imp mine mine drill.jpg Imp mine ore cart rocks.jpg Imp mine probe destroyed.jpg
lamp.md3 mbay.md3 mine_drill.md3 ore_cart_rocks.md3 probe_destroyed.md3
Imp mine psgun.jpg Imp mine r5destroyed.jpg Imp mine shuttle.jpg Imp mine spotlight.jpg Imp mine tank.jpg
psgun.md3 r5destroyed.md3 shuttle.md3 spotlight.md3 tank.md3
Imp mine turret cannon.jpg Imp mine turret cannon2.jpg Imp mine turret cannon2 damage.jpg Imp mine turret damage.jpg Imp mine wall tank2.jpg
turret_cannon.md3 turret_cannon2.md3 turret_cannon2_damage.md3 turret_damage.md3 wall_tank2.md3
Imp mine x wing.jpg


Imperial absorber d.jpg Imperial airpurifier.jpg Imperial antenna.jpg Imperial archway.jpg Imperial barrels.jpg
imperial_absorber_d.md3 airpurifier.md3 antenna.md3 archway.md3 barrels.md3
Imperial beam.jpg Imperial bunk.jpg Imperial bunk new.jpg Imperial cargo big.jpg Imperial cargo sm.jpg
beam.md3 bunk.md3 bunk_new.md3 cargo_big.md3 cargo_sm.md3
Imperial cell door frame.jpg Imperial cell door frame all.jpg Imperial cell door light.jpg Imperial cell door pad.jpg Imperial chair.jpg
cell_door_frame.md3 cell_door_frame_all.md3 cell_door_light.md3 cell_door_pad.md3 chair.md3
Imperial con1.jpg Imperial container.jpg Imperial container d.jpg Imperial control panel.jpg Imperial controlpanel.jpg
con1.md3 container.md3 container_d.md3 control_panel.md3 controlpanel.md3
Imperial crate.jpg Imperial crate 01.jpg Imperial crate 02.jpg Imperial crate 04.jpg Imperial crate banded.jpg
crate.md3 crate_01.md3 crate_02.md3 crate_04.md3 crate_banded.md3
Imperial crate xplode.jpg Imperial crate1.jpg Imperial desk.jpg Imperial dish.jpg Imperial field post.jpg
crate_xplode.md3 crate1.md3 desk.md3 dish.md3 field_post.md3
Imperial flightsuit.jpg Imperial floorlight.jpg Imperial generator.jpg Imperial generator big.jpg Imperial gonkdestroyed.jpg
flightsuit.md3 floorlight.md3 generator.md3 generator_big.md3 gonkdestroyed.md3
Imperial heater.jpg Imperial imp light.jpg Imperial ion cannon damage.jpg Imperial junction.jpg Imperial lamp.jpg
heater.md3 imp_light.md3 ion_cannon_damage.md3 junction.md3 lamp.md3
Imperial light.jpg Imperial locker.jpg Imperial mbay.jpg Imperial monitor.jpg Imperial pipe cap.jpg
light.md3 locker.md3 mbay.md3 monitor.md3 pipe_cap.md3
Imperial pod.jpg Imperial pod hatch.jpg Imperial probe.jpg Imperial probedestroyed.jpg Imperial r5destroyed.jpg
pod.md3 pod_hatch.md3 probe.md3 probedestroyed.md3 r5_destroyed.md3
Imperial rack.jpg Imperial sec panel.jpg Imperial statue.jpg Imperial substatue.jpg Imperial switch.jpg
rack.md3 sec_panel.md3 statue.md3 substatue.md3 switch.md3
Imperial tank.jpg Imperial tie fighter damage.jpg Imperial tram.jpg Imperial utilitylight.jpg Imperial wall pipes.jpg
tank.md3 tie_fighter_damage.md3 tram.md3 utilitylight.md3 wall_pipes.md3
Imperial wall tank2.jpg Imperial wall test.jpg Imperial wall test2.jpg Imperial wall test3.jpg Imperial weaponsrack.jpg
wall_tank2.md3 wall_test.md3 wall_test2.md3 wall_test3.md3 weaponsrack.md3
Imperial weaponsrung.jpg


Kejim bombard.jpg Kejim bombard base.jpg Kejim bombard upper.jpg Kejim camera.jpg Kejim cargo sm.jpg
bombard.md3 bombard_base.md3 bombard_upper.md3 camera.md3 cargo_sm.md3
Kejim crate 01.jpg Kejim crate 02.jpg Kejim crate 04.jpg Kejim crate xplode.jpg Kejim crystal machine.jpg
crate_01.md3 crate_02.md3 crate_04.md3 crate_xplode.md3 crystal_machine.md3
Kejim crystal machine d1.jpg Kejim cutter.jpg Kejim cutter u1.jpg Kejim dish.jpg Kejim examiner.jpg
crystal_machine_d1.md3 cutter.md3 cutter_u1.md3 dish.md3 examiner.md3
Kejim generator.jpg Kejim generator big.jpg Kejim generator big d1.jpg Kejim impcam.jpg Kejim impcam base.jpg
generator.md3 generator_big.md3 generator_big_d1.md3 impcam.md3 impcam_base.md3
Kejim inc mod.jpg Kejim junction.jpg Kejim ravensclaw.jpg Kejim sec panel.jpg Kejim stasistube.jpg
inc_mod.md3 junction.md3 ravensclaw.md3 sec_panel.md3 stasistube.md3
Kejim tram.jpg Kejim tube.jpg Kejim weaponsrack.jpg Kejim weaponsrung.jpg
tram.md3 tube.md3 weaponsrack.md3 weaponsrung.md3


300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
.md3 .md3 .md3 .md3 .md3


300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
.md3 .md3 .md3 .md3 .md3


300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
.md3 .md3 .md3 .md3 .md3


300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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300px 300px 300px 300px 300px
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