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Region Outer Rim
System Kejim system
Places of interest Imperial Outpost
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Game(s) Jedi Outcast

Kejim is a remote rocky planet in the Outer Rim, where Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors investigated an old Imperial outpost, believed to be abandoned some time after Battle of Yavin IV.

Mission to Kejim[edit]

Kyle and Jan receive a message from Mon Mothma, asking them to investigate the old outpost on the planet. It wouldn't be anyhow special, if the New Republic intelligence hasn't intercepted several messages from the Remnant forces on Kejim. The deformed data mentioned the Valley of the Jedi and some reborns. Upon arriving on the planet in Raven's Claw Kyle and his co-pilot encounter stormtroopers, guarding the entrance to the very much active outpost. The two eventually make their way into the underground facility and infiltrate the three security zones of the outpost - Green, Red and Blue in order to get through the locked gate to the lower level. In one of the rooms Katarn was even able to listen to the messages from Galak Fyyar, an Imperial scientist, discontent with the services of another Imperial, Stavan.

Deeper inside the outpost Kyle finds a test lab, where the Imperials kept Artusian crystals as well as equipment, ready to be used on living beings as part of the experiments with the crystals.

During the later debriefing with Mon Mothma, Kyle and Jan learn that the crystals are actually from a mining colony on Artus Prime.

Overview and Appearances[edit]

The planet of Kejim appears only in Jedi Outcast SP campaign and includes two levels in the Imperial Outpost as the first mission in the game. Both locations are made in accordance with Imperial style, as close as possible to the original designs, reminiscent of Death Star in Episode IV: A New Hope. As Kyle is not a Jedi according to the plot, the Player carries only a stun baton and a bryar pistol in this mission. A E-11 blaster rifle can be acquired from the stormtroopers. Aside from the game, Kejim doesn't show up in any other Star Wars sources. It was however chosen for the SP maps in a few unofficial mods for JO, made by fans.