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Jumansoft was a group of modders working on Jedi Betrayal.

Jumansoft logo


Last active Members[edit]

(from JediBetrayal.com)

Member Role
JasonBlack Acting mod director, environment artist, and level designer
Darth Arth Co-director and site admin
KillerTruffle Chief editor and lead voice actor
Maddin Head of level design, effects artist and technical artist
Adhriva Art director and level design consultant
Darth_Ispum Level designer
Lazarus Level designer and terrain developper
Garyn Dakari Lead character animator, and public releations
Darth_Bothersome Level designer
jedi_hm2 Model skinner and texture artist
serenity937 Coding genius
therfiles Level designer, EFX and UI artist
Mr.Zz Texture and concept artist
Movian Voice actor
Darth Monkeyman Model skinner
AshuraDX Character modeller
BerZerK Voice actor

Retired Members[edit]

Members that have retired are: Snipeye, afiNity, eezstreet and Syko.

External Links[edit]

  • [1] - The Jedi Betrayal website
  • [2] - The Jedi Betrayal ModDB page