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Position Dark Jedi
Homeworld unknown
Birth unknown
Death 5 ABY
Species Miraluka
Sex Male
Distinctions facial scars, black blindfold
Weapon lightsaber
Affiliation Jedi Order, Galactic Empire
Appears in Dark Forces II, Jedi Outcast (Mentioned only)

Jerec is a Dark Jedi and a primary antagonist in Dark Forces II video game. He is briefly mentioned in Jedi Outcast in one of the first missions.


Jerec's early life has been unknown to many, but some assume, that he was once a Jedi Knight, an apprentice to Jocasta Nu, a librarian at the Jedi Temple before the rise of Palpatine. Under her mentorship Jerec became a historian and an archeologist, that is why during Order 66 he was away from the capital and survived the massacre. However upon returning he realized, that the Jedi ideals were not of his own and he joined the Galactic Empire as a Dark Acolyte, later becoming a Sith Inquisitor and ruler of Sulon.

During the Imperial years he would participate in a raid against the Rebel Alliance - a small cell was found on Sulon. Jerec personally executed their leader, Morgan Katarn and many other Rebels, whose heads were demonstrated on the walls of Barons Hed city to intimidate others. During the last years of the Empire Jerec was assisted by several Dark Jedi, loyal servants of the Empire, which included Sariss and Boc Seca, as well as Maw, Gorc, Pic and a younger asset - Dark Jedi Yun.


In Dark Forces II[edit]

Kyle Katarn left the Empire and serves the New Republic, but plans to complete his own personal mission - finding the truth about his father's death. 8T88, an information droid, meets him on Nar Shaddaa and tells, that Jerec was the one, who killed Morgan about six years ago. The droid also brings his father's old disc, but refuses to give it to Kyle, preferring to work for the Empire instead, leaving Katarn at the hands of two thugs.

Jerec captures Qu Rahn, a Jedi, who knew Morgan and also keeps the secret of the Valley of the Jedi, so vigorously sought by Jerec. The Inquisitor doesn't need to question the captive, as he learns where to find the map to Ruusan simply by reading his mind. After executing Rahn, Jerec asks his Dark Acolytes to extract the map from the old Katarn's house on Sulon, which are then deciphered by 8T88. Sariss and others prepare ships for a jump into hyperspace to reach the Valley of the Jedi, which is then prepared for Jerec's arrival.

Kyle follows their ships and eventually arrives on Ruusan himself. Upon infiltrating the Imperial installations, he encounters Dark Jedi Maw. They duel on a platform far above the canyon and after Maw's defeat Katarn is approached by Jerec and his servants, who captured Kyle's pilot jan Ors. The Inquisitor then pushes Kyle into the ship Sulon's Star, which then falls down into the canyon.

However Katarn survives the crash escaping in time from the cargo ship, later found by Sariss, who wants to executer Kyle once and for all.

After defeating most of the Dark Jedi Kyle gets to the Valley of the Jedi, occupied by Jerec, who uses its powers to confront Katarn and later the whole Galaxy. However in tho duel the Inquisitor perishes and disappears as dozens of Jedi spirits leave the tomb, freed at last by a Jedi Knight.

In Jedi Outcast[edit]

The incident at the Valley of the Jedi is referred to by Mon Mothma, when she gives briefing to Kyle and Jan on their next mission to Kejim. The intercepted message from the Empire reveals, that the Remnant want something with the Valley and this information has something to do with Galak Fyyar and Reborn. When on Artus Prime Kyle encounters Desann, a fallen Jedi seeking the Valley of the Jedi himself. Upon seeing Katarn he taunts the Rebel agent by saying, that he recognizes the knight, who defeated the legendary Jerec at the valley of the Jedi, though he is unimpressed with seeing a mere soldier rather than a worthy opponent. This is what makes Kyle travel to Ruusan again and restore his powers by entering the Valley of the Jedi, later used by Desann and his followers.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Jerec appeared in Dark Forces II video game, but his role in the fate of Kyle Katarn is further described in novels, which accompany the game. In all these sources it is believed, that Jerec is a Human, but after the release of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, his species was retconned to be Miraluka - a near-human aliens, which use the Force to see.

A model of Jerec was recreated by fans for Jedi Outcast and later Jedi Academy.

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